Thursday, May 17, 2007

BSG highlights


Just wow.

That was definitely worth the long, excruciating wait.

Also, one of the more depressing season premieres you'll ever see. I did, however, help me see the similarities between "Battlestar Galactica" and "National Lampoon's Vacation": two dads go on a really long trip to get their families to the promised land (Earth, Wally World, same thing). When they get there, it's closed and they both go completely nuts. I would have given a million dollars to see Bill Adama punch a moose in the nose.

So, where to start? There were so many highlights.

-- Mary McDonnell probably uttered 25 words in the whole episode and yet you could still palpably feel everything Laura Roslin was going through. The "don't touch me" moment between her and Adama was utterly crushing. After everything they went through to finalize realize their feelings for one another, she just slams the door with those three words.

-- And Kara's big discovery. Gotta say, you know when your stalker robot boyfriend runs away from you, you've got a bad, bad situation on your hands.

-- The flashback when Tyrol sees the explosion and literally touches the remnants of himself carbonized on that stone wall. Utterly mind blowing and played so well by Aaron Douglas, who continues to impress me more and more each episode.

-- And hey, they granted my wish. No sooner had I uttered the words, "Man, I wish they'd get rid of Dualla," there it was. Totally unexpected and completely devastating...even for someone who was wishing her gone 30 seconds earlier.

-- Adama losing his mind and Saul pulling him back. Although seriously, it's really uncool to get your robot buddy to do the dirty work that way. Not nice at all, Bill.

-- And the big reveal: I'm totally satisfied with this choice of the Fifth Cylon. I think it works beautifully and adds an incredible amount of poignancy to what happened on New Caprica. Plus, this means that crazy old Ellen was perhaps not so crazy after all.

I loved the whole thing. Can't wait for next weeks. We're all choosing sides!


Lisa said...

For some reason I just don't believe the person revealed is actually the 5th cylon. I still have way too many questions about what was going on on Earth...

I saw Dualla coming, at the very start of the episode when she was in the raptor I knew...

Black Eyed Gurl said...

I'm with Lisa!

I still think Ellen is just an older manifestation of the #6. I think the true final cylon is yet to be revealed.

Also: I was DEVESTATED for Starbuck. I mean, imagine realizing the only thing that lead the fleet to this dead planet was your own Emergency beacon, and you know, your corpse. Then to have Leoben, who was one of the only people who ever believed in her, just cut and run? OMG, so painful.

Dualla's death, I have to say they pulled a total Whedon on that one. It was so very Wash or Anya in that it was quick and almost pointless. But because of that it becomes more important.

I actually think Dee might of been the 6th, and being on Earth set off something in her that she hated, or she had memories of earth (like Tyrol et all) and couldn't handle it. While I was no fan of Dee, I have to say her death was awesome.

Next weeks ep just doesn't look that great though. I mean when did Zarek get any power? I thought Apollo was the replacement pres, and now that Roslin just seems to lay on the floor and cry, I figured he'd be calling the shots. Then again I think Zarek is a self serving dick.