Monday, May 07, 2007

Best Sci-Fi Friends Forever

Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog asked its readers to name the top 15 sci-fi characters and creatures they'd most like to spend time with. The answers, my friends, are intriguing:

Voters gave the friendship thumbs-up to the Satellite of Love crew from Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I say "hell yes" to this one. I wanted to be imaginary friends with Mike, Crow, Servo and the rest of the gang so much that in college my pals and I drove 15 hours to Wisconsin to go to an MST Convention where we dressed up like Torgo and crashed a wedding at the Radisson. Good times....

No surprise that the voters also named the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew. This is a good call, much better than befriending the folks of the Kirk era. You know why? If you were Kirk's friend, you'd be cinching up his girdle every day like he was Scarlett O'Hara. Also, the 1701-D has that bald panther of love, Jean-Luc Picard. "Hubba" and then "hubba" once more.

Jabba the Hutt made it onto the list. I don't understand his one. You'd have slime trails all over your hardwood floors every time he came over. I going to assume people voted for him because they thought metal-bikini Princess Leia was included in the package.

Bender from Futurama made the grade. Makes sense. You'd always have a tasty alcoholic beverage at hand.

I almost melted from the cuteness when I saw Gizmo from Gremlins on the list. As a kid, I really wanted a Gizmo. I think it was that little purring, chirping, cooing thing he did. Also, he was a dangerous bad boy. Shower him with an accidental wet sneeze and leave the blinds half open and you've got a sharp-toothed little killer with the saucy charm of Hannibal Lecter on your hands. Scary but tantalizing, like a younger, undead Keith Richards.

My Mulder and Scully action figures were pleased to see that life-sized Mulder and Scully were on the list too. See, this would be a tough call for me because I'd start out being friends with Mulder and Scully but then I'd get jealous of Scully 'cuz of Mulder bein' so cute and all and then I'd start spreading lies about her and hiding her shoes and putting glue in her shampoo bottle and kicking her in gym class. And then she'd shoot me. But she'd miss the vital organs and while I was recovering, Mulder would make out with me from pity. And I'd be cool with that. Not that I ever thought about that one....


Amy Rose said...

My first thought was "The Doctor HAS to be on here!"

Second picture, right after MST3K. I am pleased. :D

Shan said...

I saw that. Assuming that the list was limited to platonic "friends" (and not "significant other" or "babe," though I did enjoy you calling Jean-Luc a "bald panther of love"), I think a I'd take a road trip with John Crichton, Commander Data and Saul Motherfucking Tigh. John is regular guy, devoted friend, pop-culture literate and can always be counted on to come up with a plan worse than mine. Data would have the answers to anything, possesses super strength and doesn't drink (designated driver!) and could also function as an Ipod and GPS. And who is a better drinking buddy in the whole universe than Saul Tigh? (though he might be a bit crabby after recent revelations).