Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MJ seemed like a deal -- it was $4,000 to meet Judge Reinhold

New York Magazine recently ran a curious story on video artist Meredith Danluck who was one of more than 300 people paying close to $3,400 to meet Michael Jackson in Japan earlier this year as part of Fan Appreciation Day, also known as Milking the Delusionals For All Their Worth Day. Danluck did it for art. The rest of the pack had no excuses. Danluck surreptitiously filmed the event for inclusion in her latest exhibition, which debuted this past Friday at the Renwick Gallery in New York. During her 30 seconds alone with the King of Pop, he made small talk with her. To quote the article:

“I like your necklace,” he said. “Thank you,” she replied, touching the vampire-teeth pendant around her neck. “Can I have it?” he asked, smiling (his skin, she said, strained as if he was “wearing a dry mud mask”). “No, my boyfriend gave it to me right before we broke up.” He giggled, “That’s so funny.”

He's charging more than a thousand dollars a second to stand next to him AND he's trying to score a free necklace off of her? Jeez. Was Bubbles outside lifting people's wallets and kicking old ladies? I'm disappointed, Mr. Jackson. Very disappointed.

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