Monday, May 14, 2007

The Dear Charles letter

Dear Charles Eames, I'm afraid we must part. Your impish grin and fiberglass molds are no longer enough for me. I've met a new artist, someone closer to my age and not dead. His name is Banksy. He uses spray paint and stencils to make brilliantly satirical graffiti art -- everything from policemen kissing to rats spilling toxic chemicals to Death as a smiley face. I'm sorry, but I've decided to make him my new favorite artist. Plus he's British and you weren't and you know how the British always win these things. I hope you can forgive me and I hope you'll still let me sit in your chairs. I know you'll find a better 30-something, Midwestern fan soon. Hugs and kisses, The Park Bench.

Yes, I've broken up with my former favorite artist and have now become a devotee of Banksy who was the subject recently of a New Yorker profile.

Take a little on-the-streets gallery tour and see the work of my new art love, won't you?

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