Thursday, October 04, 2007

Liz Lemon's Top Nerd-tastically Nerdy Moments

In celebration of the return of "30 Rock," here's a look at some of Liz Lemon's best nerd-defining moments:

"I'm going to gut you like a tauntaun!"
Liz Lemon loves her "Star Wars" and she's not ashamed to flaunt it! She smacks down Jenna every time she mistakes a certain "trekking of the stars" for "Star Wars," and she's not afraid to threaten Kenneth with a good tauntaun-style gutting when he won't reveal Tracy's whereabouts in "Hiatus." And best of all, she compares her fear of meetings with Jack to Captain Needa's fear of, well, getting dead with Darth Vader:

"Those shoes are definitely bi-curious."
Who among us hasn't been mistaken for a lesbian at least once? Jack Doneghy falls for the old stereotype that frumpily-dressed women are gay, which, as a side note, is a total disservice to the multitude of hot, well-dressed lesbians out there. Judging Liz by the bi-curious look of her shoes, he sets her up on a blind date with a gay woman. For any nerdy woman who has ever had to explain that wearing flats doesn't necessarily mean they eschew the dudes, this was pure gold.

"Are they still in there?"
Every once in a while, a comfortably dressed nerdy woman gets to don the glamorous duds. Liz gets that chance in "Black Tie," accompanying Jack to one of the social events of the season. Liz's gown and her ongoing reactions to it account for at least half the laughs in this brilliant episode. From putting the dress on backwards to wearing a polar fleece over it ("I didn't know I'd be going out...") to making a walk down a staircase look like a tense high-wire act ("Careful, careful...") to forgetting about her plunging neckline, doing a happy dance and immediately worrying that the girls had flown out, she's living every nerdy woman's anxiety-filled dream of dressing up pretty. Of course, she ultimately loses that dress by taunting a crazy, bottle-wielding Isabella Rossellini. Just like prom!

Everybody loves Gopher!
You know how when you meet a good looking guy, you lose all ability for coherent, rational thought? Yup. In "Fireworks," Liz pretends to be an alcoholic in order to get close to her NBC crush, Floyd. In order to even the score after Floyd learns the truth behind her tall tale, Liz admits to all of her own deepest, darkest secrets. And, well, there are some things you just don't want to know about your favorite fictional characters:

Making flannel sexy
In "Corporate Crush," Liz shows how nerdy women can bring the sexy back -- by dancing in flannel pajamas, waving around a used Kleenex and seductively bending over to turn on...the humidifier. We knew Floyd was a keeper when he found that sad display just as endearing as we did.

The nerdy woman's perfect date
Liz nearly found true love with Floyd, a man who knew just how to please a nerdy woman -- with card games and by mocking bad movies. Ah, Floyd, with your love of the flannel sexy dance, you were one of the good guys. Fictional Cleveland is lucky to have you.

"Yeah, suck it, I do read the paper!"
Here's a tip: hell hath no fury like a nerdy woman scorned. When one of her writers, Josh, tries to negotiate a huge salary increase and ends up humiliating Liz in the process, well, she gets her revenge -- by making him do The Worm, among other cruelties.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Many nice youtube posts. I'm laughing all the way home to my DVR and will watch the premiere later tonight..

"Yeah, I do read the paper. Now suck it!".

That's priceless!

Thanks for making this blog well worth the visit!

Liz said...

Glad it had you laughing. I kept watching The Worm one over and over again and cracking up each time. Makes the day just a little bit better, doesn't it?