Monday, October 22, 2007

A Nerd's Eye View: Fantasy Football

By contributor Ms. C:

Have you tried Fantasy Football (FF) yet? I started playing in a Ladies Only League this year and I can't recommend it enough for my fellow Girl Nerds. As a generally brainy bunch, our interests usually drew us to the libraries, debate clubs, or the high school radio station, not the playing fields, gyms or locker rooms. Even those of us who enjoyed watching sports, whether on TV or from the sidelines, usually didn't partake in actually playing "the sports," as the jocks called it.

Whether you hated sports, watched it from afar, or only missed joining the soccer team because of your knobby knees, FF provides endless entertainment for the nerdy mind. Whether your skill set includes role-playing games or just painting your boyfriend's orcs, fantasy football allows you to compete through what are basically online and television paper dolls without breaking a sweat or your new pair of glasses. Also, you're welcomed into an activity even jocks enjoy and if you play completely online, they need never know about your comic book collection.

Fantasy Football also rewards the nerd at heart because doing your homework and a little bit of research makes you more knowledgeable about your players, able to add versatility to conversations with non-nerds, and more skilled at smack talk; always a boon.

Like Zeus in "Clash of the Titans," you'll place your clay figure in the dollhouse temple and watch him go. Except you'll be online, sans toga, putting your fake Tom Brady head-to-head against your matchup on Aragorn's Army or The Asscats or whatever your opponents' teams are called. Embrace your destiny and get in the game. It's easy, it's fun, and it rewards statistical acumen. And you'll know you're hooked when you switch from Meerkat Manor to ESPN's Sports Center "just to check something."


Bakerloo said...

You only like it because you keep winning.

Mickie Poe said...

Right. Since I just lost to you...I don't like it anymore!

Anonymous said...

where is your commentary on Dumberdore being, like, totally gay? Inquiry minds need to know!

Liz said...

About Dumbledore, it doesn't really matter to me either way. He's a great character, one of my favorites. I think it would have had more impact if Rowling had had the guts to say this earlier, but that said, there's really no mention made of any of the character's love lives beyond the platonic. Which is also fine because theoretically, they're supposed to be kids' books. Plus, I guess if she'd said anything sooner, it would have become too much of a focus, the media would have been fixated on it, crazed mothers would have been freaking out and people would have stopped paying attention to the actual story. So I guess my basic response is, huh, that's interesting but that's about it.

Trey said...

I like the new look! Congrats!

Completely with you on Dumbledore. If she'd put it into the books, I might have had more of an opinion. Now, I'm just sorta meh. It's just an extra factoid, and not really relevant to the story.