Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Odds and Ends

+ Good news for fans of Nick Park and dogs that can knit: a new Wallace and Gromit movie is in the making and scheduled for release in the fall or near Christmas of 2008. It's a mystery called "Trouble At' Mill and it involves baked goods.

+ Just in time for Halloween, has their list of the 70 best vampire movies of all time, which begs the question, who knew there were 70 vampire movies? Also, "A Vampire in Brooklyn?" Really? Really?

+ Also getting their Halloween spirit on is TV Squad, offering up their list of the Ten Scariest TV Characters of All Time. I can assure you that it is an accurate list as it includes the one TV monster that literally scared me stiff as a child: the gremlin on the wing of William Shatner's plane in The Twilight Zone's Nightmare at 20,000 Feet episode. The second I saw that thing as a seven year old, I was petrified, thereby establishing my street cred as queen of the big loser scaredy-cats.

+ Speaking of television, "Stargate: Atlantis" has been renewed for a fifth season.

+ If you like video games (like Nintendogs!), then hopefully you were at the first annual E for All gaming convention in Los Angeles last weekend. This New York Times article has a nifty recap of the show, which is meant to be an "everyone's welcome" equivalent to E3.

+ And if you ever dreamed of having rooms and rooms full of books like all the wealthy manor owners in those old movies, The Strand bookstore in New York can help you out. I did not know this, but The Strand sells Books by the Foot, and will create ready-made home libraries and also builds on-set libraries for the movies including the new Indiana Jones flick. Now's your chance to squeeze the equivalent of the entire Library of Congress in your own apartment -- and you don't even have to do the heavy lifting yourself. Talk about service!

+ And finally, if anyone out there is going to The Office convention and gathering in Scranton, PA this weekend, please let me know. I'd love to get some first-person reports for this blog on all the fun goings-on.


Bakerloo said...

ok I read the scariest tv characters and now I kind of want to watch some of these things but at the same time I know it would just be the worst thing I could possibly do. I am desperate to see that Dr. Who episode with the weeping angels, but I think I wouldn't be able to sleep for days.

I am a scaredy cat.

Liz said...

Me too! My husband loves scary stuff and I always have to keep my eyes covered and leave the lights on.

Anonymous said...

"...the gremlin on the wing..."

I suppose this has nothing whatsoever to do with your attitude toward flying, now that you are a rational thinking, intelligent grownup, eh?

L-D's D

Liz said...

Hey, that could be it! Maybe the gremlin stole my inner ear, leading to all that airplane yakking I tend to do. Ultimately, of course, that makes it Shatner's fault. I can live with that. :-)

agent57 said...

There are probably exactly 70 vampire movies, and that explains why they put "A Vampire in Brooklyn?"

Actually I've never seen it. Maybe I should...

sleepymama said...

Why wouldn't there be a vampire in Brooklyn? They have great pizza and what vampire would turn down great pizza?

Liz said...

I never thought of the pizza angle. That's a good point. No self-respecting vampire would ever turn down a good slice. :-)