Monday, October 29, 2007

Dating and the Single Girl Nerd: First Dates

From contributor Ms. C:

One thing our lovely already-coupled friends like is to remind us of is how great it's going to be to have that "first kiss" again. In the hunt for that "first kiss" we have to do things like go on dates, or, even before that, meet someone. All of a sudden, this got so complicated!

Fret not, there are several ways in which to meet a nerdy fellow. There's online dating like, a dating website for geeks where nerdy women get the choice of their personal cup of Earl Grey. Do you take your geek with "Star Wars," Ren Faire or Manga? Eschewing online tete-a-tetes, you could meet guys at bookstores, coffee shops, or costume parties and woo them with your uncanny imitation of Patrick Stewart or your extensive knowledge of all the James Bond movies. You could also try the old-fashioned way of dating: macking on your friends. There's also the workplace, but I don't recommend this one. You need at least one place you can still go without worrying about how you look, right?

Don't be discouraged if you go an entire year without racking up "50 First Dates" like Drew Barrymore. As the brainier version of those with Nerve, we Girl Nerds tend to wait a little longer till we're met with quality. For the average Single Girl Nerd, a year of looking for that "first kiss" will tend to yield about 5 First Dates which will likely include:

+ The blind date with the "sweet, sensitive guy who also rides a hog" whom your married friends think you'll like. Blind dates should always be accepted with a hearty YES. They have the advantage of no expectations and no ties should one need to run, fast and far.

+ The sneak-double-date with that recently-single friend in the Styx-inspired band. You'll have a nice dinner with friends and then see a Simon Pegg movie, all the while never letting your date suspect he's actually ON a date. You are that good, you sly Single Girl Nerd.

+ The party date. Though not strictly a traditional date situation, this counts. Be sure to try all your "lines" (don't forget to pack the Superman joke, the Anais Nin mention, and the "Reaper" quotation!) on tall, skinny guys wearing glasses.

+ The cooking date. Cook something simple -- and easy on the garlic and onions -- for that adorable web-designer with the comics collection. It won't hurt either to pour healthy glasses of wine while trying to make your way into a gent's heart through his stomach.

+ The Grown-Up Date. You will put on a skirt and heels! He will take you to an upscale restaurant that requires reservations and he'll order for you! There will be no cheese-fries, "hanging out," or catching a cup of coffee while paying Dutch. This will set a new bar for dating and you deserve it!

With these, and hopefully more, you'll be ready to start trying for Second Dates. Not even Drew got that far!


Scott said...

Make you wonder if the days of hitting on people at bars is really becoming a thing of the past, huh?

Mickie Poe said...

Scott, as soon as bars embrace nerdiness, we Girl Nerds will embrace those bars! Well, if they're sanitary.

SFG said...

Stupid question, and I know the odds are against me, but where do you meet girl nerds? Seriously now.

Liz said...

Hmm, I'd say probably the best places to meet nerdy girls are in creative writing classes, art classes, anything to do with comedy, comic book stores, regular book stores. Also, look for us at indie movies. Themed conventions might yield good results. Museums can be a good bet, too. We're pretty much everywhere except bars and loud parties.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Mickie Poe said...

Dear SFG,

I think the real question isn't where to find them, because like Liz said, we're everywhere, really. Though bookstores and museums are a great place to look, too. However, I'm a Girl Nerd who likes bars and I know some Nerdy Ladies who like clubbing, too. I think the real question is how do you recognize a girl nerd. And for my two cents, how do I recognize a guy nerd?! Neither one of us want to waste our time chatting up someone who's not going to know who Lee Adama is, right? So, how do we recognize each other besides the tell-tale light pallor of skin and when we both laugh at a joke no one else laughed at?

srah said...

The question is also How To Approach Girl Nerds, because pretty much any and all pickup lines scare me.

SFG said...

You know, I wonder. It's not hard to find male nerds. Just go to an Linux User Group or scifi convention.

I suspect that what you're looking for is a male nerd who knows how to dress and has somehow acquired social skills, but hasn't developed the swaggering 'alpha male' behavior that puts you off.

Anyhoo, you folks have been helpful. Thanks.

Le Grand Fromage said...


Dating said...

How To Approach Girl Nerds, because pretty much any and all pickup lines scare me?