Thursday, October 23, 2008

New "30 Rock" up on Hulu

Run, do not walk, to Hulu right now and watch the season premiere of "30 Rock,". It's up a week early and it's like a gift that Santa and Jesus would go in on together if they really, really liked you. I do not care if you are guiding in a jumbo jet with nothing but really bright candles at this very moment or are performing double brain surgery. Nothing is more important than watching this episode. It is hilarious. Gone are the memories of last season's so-so outings. This is everything that is good and great about "30 Rock." I don't want to spoil the plot for you or anything about it. I will simply say, there is nothing not to love about Alec Baldwin uttering the words, "She touched me in my swim suit area."

I missed you, Liz Lemon, and all your crazy friends.


CJP- Stratford,Canada said...

I think John Hodgman is doing a bang up job of bringing nerdiness to the masses. His new book, "Areas of my Expertise" is brilliant. Check out his blog and his video posts on Boing Boing or The glasses alone should clinch the title for him.

Liz said...

Ah, Mr. Hodgman was actually my second ever Nerd Man of the Month. He's a very fine fellow indeed and is doing wonders for eye glass wearers everywhere! :)

I love his blog but haven't seen his videos. I'll check them out.