Monday, October 06, 2008

Odds and Ends


Miss Grace said...

In love with the Nerdbots.

Alyson said...

Patrick Stewart and David Tennant on Dr. Who? MAKE IT SO!

Jen said...

I did my part to avert the cultural nightmare that is the box office winning weekend of that dog movie. I saw Blindness.o

crone51 said...

Stewart and Tennant together? I will die of bliss.

SFG said...

You do know they did Hamlet together in England, right?

I wonder. I always thought it would be funny to have the crew of one of the Enterprises visit England and just barely miss the TARDIS or something.

Liz said...

Miss Grace, aren't those Nerdbots adorable? If I had to have a robot for a friend, it'd definitely be one of those.

Alyson, I think you just hit on the marketing slogan for next season if Patrick signs on. :)

Thank you Jen for attempting to stem the tide of America's cultural decline. It is appreciated.

Crone51, agreed but not until we see the actual show, right?

SFG, yeppers, I'd heard about Hamlet. From what I understand, they got along so well doing that production they thought it might be fun to do Doctor Who together and the powers that be agreed. Hopefully, it'll happen!

agent57 said...



Not only do I approve of more Timelords, (Really, if like a billion Daleks survived the war, there have to be at least five or six Timelords that did...) but Patrick Stewart Timelords? Fwee!

Anonymous said...

agent57 totally stole my "oh, snap." :)

That is an amazing rumor. Even if it's not true, I will be having good dreams about it for many nights to come.

Also, those bots are super cute. Have you seen This girl makes her bots out of vinyl. I have one, and they are awesome.

Marie said...

mmm Tennant and Stewart... the slash writers would go WILD :-)

SFG said...

mmm Tennant and Stewart... the slash writers would go WILD :-)

The Doctor's hand drifted over Picard's muscled chest and he drifted closer, snuggling within the Captain's warm grip.

"I never felt as close to Captain Jack as I did to you, Jean-Luc," he said.

"Don't call me that, it always reminds me of this other fellow who used to hit on me," Picard replied. "I've always had a taste for powerful men but he was a bit over the top. Does your TARDIS fit in the holodeck?" he said while scratching the Doctor's hair.


"Make it so."

TinyFrenchStudio said...

Yes, more timelords please'n'thanks. Some of the most squirmingly embarrassing elements of the show are related to fellow timelords, but John Simm's Master made me really miss the whole lot. The "lonely timelord bit," while a nice bit of dramatic flair, gets as old for us as it does for him I'm sure. I warrant Steven Moffat will be less concerned about frightening away the "washed" masses than Davies was, so perhaps we'll be asked to suspend our disbelief more frequently and invite in more improbable characters. That is, after all, the joy of sci fi.

agent57 said...

I can't wait for Moffat time! I of course have to thank RTD for giving us some lovely show, but some of his story ideas (and his more repetitive plot elements) have been wearing on me of late.