Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Odds & Ends: Cabin in the Woods, aliens & TV, "Star Wars" music and "Avatar"

First of all, let me just take this opportunity to say, wow, "Torchwood"...who knew you had it in you? After watching Part Four last night, I was thoroughly floored. Well done, Russell.

+ The official website for Joss Whedon's upcoming "Cabin in the Woods" movie (featuring Bradley Whitford) is up and running and you can sign up for alerts as production progresses.

+ Check out this great graphic showing how far TV signals from Earth have traveled out into the galaxy. The people of Iota Horologii should feel lucky to know they'll be receiving The Jack Benny Show sometime in the next decade!

+ Lucasfilm has announced touring performances of "Star Wars" music featuring a full orchestra, a choir and the always awesome John Williams conducting. It'll be accompanied by an exhibition of "Star Wars" memorabilia and kicks off on October 1.

+ Here's an interesting interview with Elizabeth Mitchell of "Lost" and soon-to-be "V" fame, talking about her characters and giving hints on the upcoming series.

+ Director James Cameron also got chatty at Comic-Con yesterday, talking about his new 3-D epic, "Avatar" as well as some of his philosophy on sci-fi films.

Today's Comic-Con update from Park Bench reporter Robin is coming soon...


winterone said...

Your on-location Comic-con correspondent makes me giggle. I'm a fast fan of hers. I'm also concerned about how long it will take for the aliens to attack when they see how brilliant we are through the Palin resignation.

Sarah said...

OMG!! Thank you SOOOO much for publishing the Star Wars: In Concert link! It's coming to Oklahoma City the end of October, and I'm definately going to take my 13 year old son to this (it's Band Geek heaven for me!!). I can't wait for tickets to go on sale.

Kafka said...

I know a person shouldn't be too critical of plot holes in classic-style BBC SF, but I can't help wondering how the 456 figured out that human children had a mood-altering effect. Was there some alien being wandering from planet to planet in the early '60's, experimentally building symbiotic relationships with every permutation of animal life upon which it stumbled, in the hopes of catching a killer buzz? That would be like an extra-terrestrial version of the kid who discovered whippits!