Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wednesday Odds & Ends: The Force, Nighy and Robots

+ In all seriousness, I dreamed of a toy like this when I was a child, but now that it actually exists, I'm more than a little freaked out by it. The upcoming "Star Wars Force Trainer" toy straps on to your head (or, okay, some child's head) and uses your brain waves to help you move a ball in a tube a la The Force. Did I mention it uses YOUR BRAIN? Here's a demonstration:

P.S. Did you like the way the New York Post spelled "Brake Through Toy" at the beginning? Not proud would Yoda be.

+ British actor Bill Nighy, who I still think should have been cast as Eleven in "Doctor Who," has gotten a huge consolation prize with a role in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows." He'll be playing Rufus Scrimgeour.

+ Rotten Tomatoes has counted down its Top 50 Best Movie Robots. Fingers crossed the metal dude from "Short Circuit" gets that well-deserved top spot.

+ Want a preview of the latest "Buffy" season 8 comic? It's here. Called "Always Darkest," it's penned by Joss Whedon and Jo Chen.


Jen Anderson said...

Holy wow, I need that toy 20 years ago.

Michele said...

Oh no! This means I shall have to watch another HP film - after I swore I never would after seeing 'Goblet of Fire'. (SO agree with you re. Nighy!Eleven!)

Liz said...

Jen, that's the perfect way to describe that toy!

Michele, I feel the same way about that HP movie. I hated "Order of the Phoenix" with such a passion -- they ruined my favorite of the books -- that I swore the movies off as well, but I'm pretty sure the promise of Nighy will get me back in the theater.

Amey said...

More than that entire 50 robots article, the single link about how R2 and Chewie are secret agents for the Rebellion... priceless!

FlyingMonkeyHQ said...

I'm not sure who is more excited about the "Force" toy...Me or my son! Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

God, I really want that!

Also—I never really considered it, but Bill Nighy would actually make a kick ass Doctor!

Ms. Meg said...

YES! They got Nighy right on! That was who I wanted in that role.