Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Odds & Ends: "Lost" props, "Atlas Shrugged" and "Alice"

Sorry, running a bit late this morning, following a very weird X-Files dream I had which was, perhaps unsurprisingly, much better than the last movie. I think it featured a talking ferret but I'm a bit hazy on the whole thing now. Anyway, onwards and upwards:

+ A la SyFy and Battlestar Galactica, ABC will be auctioning off props from "Lost" with a special preview of the items taking place at Comic-Con this week. Among the items available for bid: Hurley's lottery ticket and Kate's toy airplane.

+ Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" might be getting the mini-series treatment soon as a kick-off for a new premium cable channel called Epix, which will be a partnership between Lionsgate Films and MGM. Charlize Theron is being talked about for the lead.

+ The preview for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" leaked yesterday but Mashable still has a grainy version of it on their site. The pretty, high-res one should surface again sometime this afternoon. It's pretty looking, as expected, and yes, Johnny Depp kind of creeps me the hell out as the Mad Hatter...which I think is what they were going for.

+ Don't forget, "Battlestar Galactica" season 4.5 comes to DVD and Blu-Ray this coming Tuesday and includes three extended episodes and gobs of other goodies.

+ The Ask Ausiello column in Entertainment Weekly has some vague comments from Russell T. Davies suggesting that "Torchwood" will return in the future. There are spoilers ahoy for just about every show under the sun in that column so beware while perusing. Speaking of "Torchwood," Park Bench reader Jen was kind enough to send me an e-mail warning not to go on the Doctor Who Wiki until you've seen all of "Children of Earth." There are apparently some major spoilers lurking there.

+ And finally, io9's posted this video of all 120 times David Tennant says "sorry" in Doctor Who. It also works as a fascinating chronology of Tennant's amazingly active hair, meaning yes, it's just as much fun watching it at work with the sound off. Enjoy!


Alison said...

Dude, I've been looking for the Alice in Wonderland trailer *everywhere*. I should have known The Park Bench would hook me up *gives you a digital high-five*

Liz said...

We aim to please! :)

crone51 said...

talking ferrets are terrifying. Also messy. Take it from me.

Sara Jo said...

I was totally sad wondering if Torchwood would come back or not! Thanks!