Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Odds & Ends: Apollo 11, Strunk and White-reading monkeys, Futurama and Bridget Jones

+ This is very cool. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum has created a website that allows visitors to relive the flight of Apollo 11 and the Moon landing. Called We Choose the Moon, you can follow the mission from pre-launch to blast-off to the actual Moon landing on Monday. Quite nifty.

+ Speaking of nifty, did you know that today is the 210th anniversary of the Rosetta Stone discovery? I've always loved the Rosetta Stone. It was the first thing I scampered off to see when I visited the British Museum. I gawked at it for about 20 minutes. Nerd. Thanks to David Manly for the tip.

+ I'm not shocked by this at all: monkeys can recognize poor grammar. It's probably why they don't read my blog.

+ One of this girl nerd's favorite guilty pleasures will be returning to the big screen soon: yes, there's another Bridget Jones movie in the works. More Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, please, thank you.

+ Ooh, even more good news on the "Futurama" front. Not only will it be returning to our small screens, now you can get "Futurama" toys!

+ And finally, apropos of nothing except the fact that I watched a lot of YouTube videos yesterday, here's a funny Comic Relieft skit involving British comedienne and Doctor Who alumna Catherine Tate and James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. It cracked me up.


Michele said...

Have you seen the Tennant and Tate skit they did for Red Nose Day? Tennant plays 'Mr Logan', and Tate her schoolgirl character Lauren. If not, it's worth checking out because it's utterly priceless..

Liz said...

Michele, I love that skit. I watched it again yesterday, which was how I found the Tate/Craig one. So funny.

Michele said...

I thought you probably had seen it, but figured it was worth mentioning, just in case.

I still get the giggles over the fact it won Tate and Tennant an award (a Scottish award no less) which prompted David to utter the immortal line that he was 'just Catherine Tate's b1tch'!

Liz said...

That's hilarious. I hadn't heard that. Honestly, Tennant is hilarious. I saw him on an old Graham Norton show a couple weeks back and he just cracked me up completely. When he called the man from the personal ads and told him, "This is the Doctor. You had your chance and you blew it." Hee.

Michele said...

LOL Yes, that Graham Norton show is hysterical. David can be really, really naughty when he wants to (and can get away with it)!

Sophie said...

Loving the historical linguistics shout out. I saw the Rosetta Stone for the first time last year. I may have even been a little teary at that moment.

Addie said...

Yay! Futurama toys! So even if the newest rendition of the show stinks, I'll have an adorable hypnotic toad to cuddle up with.

Do you think the monkeys noticed that I ended that sentence with a preposition?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Rosetta Stone, but, to be fair, everything else at the British Museum seems to have been picked up at flea markets and garage sale.