Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Odds & Ends: Barrowman, Hogan, Mozart, Spielberg and Tom Arnold

+ Well, here's an interesting rumor: John Barrowman will be joining ABC's "Desperate Housewives" when it returns this fall. No details on how, when, where or why but I've decided their casting director has great taste: first Nathan Fillion and now this.

+ And in other casting news, Joss Whedon's efforts to reunite the entire cast of "Battlestar Galactica" on "Dollhouse" seem to be going smoothly. In addition to Tahmoh Penikott and the recent announcement of a Jamie Bamber guest spot, we'll now be getting Saul Tigh himself -- Michael Hogan -- in the second episode of the new "Dollhouse" season. I'm going to have to start watching again.

+ If you're like me and still weeping bitter tears at missing the Doctor Who Comic-Con panel, you can see it all here at the David Tennant site. I love the fact that producer Julie Gardner has to shoot her own DVD extra footage.

+ We were talking about these great pieces on Twitter earlier but in case you didn't see it, here's a list of the 10 Geekiest Pieces of Furniture. I desperately want this Han Solo in carbonite desk.

+ Putting on our high-brow hats for a moment, two recently unearthed Mozart piano pieces debuted this past weekend. The pieces, which were likely created by Mozart when he was 7 or 8 and then transcribed by his father, were played on Mozart's own fortepiano before an audience of reporters and groupies.

+ Are you a fan of short story god Raymond Carver? Then you might want to stay away from this article in the Times Literary Supplement which discusses the evolution of Carver's stories and suggests (convincingly) that editor Gordon Lish was responsible for much of the minimalist magic in Carver's works. It's a fascinating article but it's a little like finding out Santa didn't invent the whole sled and reindeer thing. I hate literary scholarship.

+ And plummeting to the other end of the cultural scale, Tom Arnold (yes, that Tom Arnold) claims that he and director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be reuniting for another movie when Arnold's term as governor ends. There's speculation is might be a sequel to the 90's blockbuster "True Lies," which is a movie I hate with the passion of a thousand furious suns. But that's just me.

+ In other sad and curious news, Steven Spielberg is going to be doing a remake of the 1950 Jimmy Stewart classic, "Harvey." I'm a little concerned to see what role CGI plays in a movie about an invisible six-foot-tall rabbit.


Ms. Meg said...

As a person half-terrified/half-in-love-with the original Harvey, I am thoroughly against this remake.

I am against remakes in general, though. What? Are there absolutely no new and interesting scripts?

Liz said...

Agreed 100 percent. I really don't see how he can improve on the original. (And glad to know I wasn't the only one slightly creeped out by that movie.)

Jana said...

I am creeped out by large rabbits in general. Downtown Orlando has a particularly scary statue of one and don't get me started on Donnie Darko!!

@winterone51 said...

Dear lord, Steven Spielberg should NEVER be allowed to remake any old classic movie, especially a Jimmy Stewart classic move. That is all. >(

Heather said...

Someone needs to inform him that not only should classics never be desecrated by remakes, but definitely not Jimmy classics! As a friend of mine said after reading the article, "Shame on you, Mr. Spielberg!"

P. S. said...

I know Mr. Spielberg knew and respected Mr. Stewart. It that's his way of paying hommage, he is sadly misguided. The originality and whimsy of this classic will never be "improved" by color or modern special effects. Leave the magic of this picture alone. There are other ways to introduce younger people to it.

Anonymous said...

I had heard the rumor about Harvey sometime earlier in the year. I didn't believe it. They'll probably mess just mess it up. (But then again, there's a long list of movies that are currently being remade that generally upset me.)

Sara Jo said...

I don't know if I say this enough, but I <3 this blog. Also, I want the periodic table coffee table.