Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Odds & Ends: "Avatar" trailer, "Yellow Submarine," "District 9" and Rick Springfield's impending defeat at the hands of Nathan Fillion

+ The Internet has gone crazy in the last hour or so over the release of James Cameron's "Avatar" trailer. In order to embed it here, I would have had to mess with a bit of code and that wouldn't be right with something that looks as beautiful as it does. So, because I love you, I'm suggesting you go here to see it or to the Apple site where you can see it in HD if you can load it, which I couldn't but you probably have better karma points than me, so I'm sure it'll be fine. Either way, though, you've got to see this thing because it's very, very pretty.

+ Let's file this under things that make me crazy, shall we? Director Robert Zemeckis (of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and "Back to the Future" fame) will apparently be doing a 3-D remake of The Beatles' classic "Yellow Submarine." Why? Because people can't leave well enough alone! Seriously, the day they announce the "Gone with the Wind" remake starring Lindsey Lohan and Ryan Reynolds is the day I start mainlining Xanax directly into my bloodstream.

+ Io9 has their list of 5 Things You Didn't Know About "District 9" which is pretty interesting. Item #6, by the way? Instead of sunblock, all of the aliens were coated in a light butter sauce and equipped with a side of cheesy biscuits. True story.

+ I may be the only person in the world who likes this show, but I'm still happy to report that SyFy's "Warehouse 13" has been renewed for a second 13-episode season. And I don't only watch it because I think Eddie McClintock is funny in an endearingly juvenile way. There's usually some sort of plot, too...and gadgets...and somethin'....Okay, fine, I watch it because I find Eddie McClintock funny in an endearingly juvenile way.

+ Hey all you British people, don't forget there's a "Doctor Who" special on BBC 3 tonight at 8 p.m. Called "Doctor Who - Greatest Moments," it includes interviews with cast and crew and highlights, well, some of the Doctor's greatest moments. I hope they include David Tennant's season 2 hair as a greatest moment. I think I have it listed at #3 in my diary, right after the invention of oxygen and the cut of Han Solo's pants in "Star Wars."

+ Speaking of space cowboys in tight pants -- and let's face it, when aren't we? -- if you have a moment, why not vote for Nathan Fillion as Mr. Twitter over at the Twitter Wall site? Based on his frequent tweets on the subject, Mr. Fillion seems to have an irrational fear of losing to Rick Springfield. And as a fan of both sci-fi and Canadians, I don't think we can let that happen to the man.

+ And finally, the next time you're in Minneapolis, be sure to stop in and check out Donny Dirk's Zombie Den and then tell me all about it. Why? Because not only does this bar have alcohol, which is GREAT, they're also totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse and have armed themselves with a glass-encased chain saw. I'll give them an extra ten points if they carry Twiglets and once starred in "Spaced."

+ ETA: I almost forgot this item! The sci-fi universes are mingling again: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" alumnus Jonathan Frakes is directing an upcoming episode of "Dollhouse," according to the show's costumer. She has photographic proof! Thanks to Park Bench reader Adam for the tip!


Shan said...

I'm with you on the WH13 love. A cheeky, endearing and entertaining little series. Plus, I'm developing a serious crush on Joanne Kelly.

The combining of the sci-fi universes is an amazing thing to behold. Also interesting is the ongoing "Lost" / "Deadwood" connection. John Hawkes was just cast for S6 of Lost, adding to a list of DW alums appearing on Lost that includes Robin Weigert, Kim Dickens, William Sanderson, Paula Malcomson and Titus Welliver. Is it too much to ask for Ian McShane as a pirate on the Black Rock?

Sareberry said...

I'm not saying it wasn't pretty, but did I just watch the trailer for "Last of the Mohicans: 5.5/Apple/26?"

TV Lowdown said...

I must have far fewer karma points than you. I've been trying every which way to see the Avatar trailer, with no success.

Think I'll wait a few hours until everyone else on the planet has apparently watched it, then try!

Auntie KK said...

I was just thinking after Tuesday's episode of Warehouse 13 "I think I'm the only person who watches this. I hope they don't cancel this." So woo hoo!

I love your site! My best friend and I read and compare it everyday. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving Warehouse 13. It's so fun to watch and the interactions of the characters is cute. I hope it doesn't get canceled!

Liz said...

Shan, that's very cool about the "Deadwood" connections. I didn't realize there'd been that much crossover casting. And glad to hear you like WH13 as well. I like Joanne Kelly as well -- her character is really growing on me.

Sareberry, your "Last of the Mohicans" comparison is hilarious and totally true. I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole "Avatar" plot, which looks just a wee bit cheesy to me, but the visuals are pretty impressive.

Lowdown, I'll keep my fingers crossed for your viewing access. :)

Auntie KK, thanks so much for the kind words on the blog. I'm so glad you like it!

Kathe said...

ummmmm.....just thinking of David Tennant and his hair makes the day all better! ;)

LOVE Warehouse 13. I was skeptical when I first saw previews for it, but I'm hooked!

Anonymous said...

My money (and vote) is on Rick Springfield on the Twitterwall thingey. Yeah, he's behind Nathan at the moment, but tenancy and uber hot good looks at 60 may very well trump over frequent tweeting and begging lol

CrazyCris said...

I loooove Warehouse 13! I've been having a blast and I'm so grateful there's some decent original programming available in the summer!

As for that photo with Riker oops! I mean Frakes, isn't that Mellie/November? Does that mean she's back?!

Liz said...

CrazyCris, I'm not sure who the person in the photo is. I thought the link on Whedonesque said she was a costumer, but I could be wrong. I missed the last few episodes of "Dollhouse" and haven't caught up yet. Hope I didn't just accidentally spoil anyone!

Anonymous said...

I too like Warehouse 13. Right next to Eureka as fun things to watch, better than most of the stuff out there. Then again I'll have to wait until December for Burn Notice, so they will do. Although I think the Sheriff's new love interest (in Eureka) may not last long. I say the actress in the commercial for the new ABC series Eastwick, unless she is going to pull double duty, which I doubt very much.

lynn said...

Hey Liz,
Just wanted to let you know that you are NOT the only person that watches Warehouse 13!! My wife and I watch the show at least three to four times a week (this of course, does not include the times we force our three and four year olds to watch)!! We think it's a great family show with lots of thrills, chills and a dash (o.k., maybe a bit more than a dash) of comedy.
We're glad someone else agrees with us.
Eddie and Lynn McClintock

Liz said...

Wow, well there's a comment to make a blogger's day! Now I'm going to have to watch WH13 at least seven or eight more times a week.

Adam said...

re: CrazyCris

[Spoiler Warning for those who haven't watched Dollhouse yet]

I don't think that Joss was ever planning on getting rid of Miracle Laurie's character. I have two competing theories in my head right now:

1. DeWitt programmed her with a personality not her own to fool Ballard. I'm not sold on this one because I like to think Adelle (despite her seeming ambivalence to the moral questions in her job) is a truthful person.

2. November was imprinted with her old life, was set free, and is going to be captured by some competing firm (perhaps the one mentioned in the episode located at the college) so they do tests on her and reverse engineer Topher's genius. I know his sets up another Ballard-must-save-the-girl plotline...but, I have a bit of a mancrush on Tamoh Penikett, so that would be ok.

Remember the FBI photos of all of November's past run ins with the law. Even then, she was pretending to be different people. So, there's more to her than we now know.

Joss never really gets rid of characters. Even the dead ones come back sometimes.

Yikes...that could have been a post in itself. Sorry, Liz, for taking up so much space. And thanks for posting my tidbit!

Adam said...

Ugh. I didn't proofread my comment very well. As someone who strives for proper grammar, spelling, and usage on the Internet, I apologize. There's a quotation from a Buffy episode about grammar on the Internet making either Willow or Tara depressed. Anyone remember that one?

(Okay, I'm done hijacking the comments section on this post.)

Alyson said...

Oh lord, Two-Takes Frakes taking on the Whedonverse? The set may implode before they get the chance to finish shooting the episode!

Michelle said...

David Tennant... *swoon*

(and tx to Adam for spoiler warning. Saved my upcoming Dollhousey goodness.)

jessi said...

I may be alone here, but I wasn't super-impressed with the Avatar trailer. I was told it was better in the theater, but the site crashed before I could get tickets to Avatar Day. Grr.

DangerGirl said...

love, Love, LOVE Warehouse 13! I just wish they'd air it in Canada or give me a legitimate way to watch it other than ...*cue dastardly music*

I mean they film it here ... you'd think they'd let us watch it.