Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Odds & Ends: Spider-Man, Doctor Who cakes, Caprica and neglected words

+ First up, we got yer "Spider-Man" news: the Spider-Man musical that was supposed to debut in February 2010 may possibly be in trouble due to cash flow problems. The production's score is written by U2's Bono and The Edge, who you'd think could pony up some cash but whatever. And speaking of "Spider-Man" and writing, not only is "Spider-Man 4" set to begin production next year, but Columbia Pictures has also announced a writer for "Spider-Man 5 & 6." That's a lot of "Spider-Man." I'm just sayin'...

+ In news completely unrelated to guys who shoot webs out of their hands and swing from building to building, comedian Patton Oswalt has joined the cast of "Caprica" in a recurring role as a popular Caprican talk show host. I know, right? It helps to take a few seconds to let it sink in. It also helps to curl into a fetal position and rock back and forth while whispering, "I trust Jane Espenson. I trust Jane Espenson."

+ Just in time for lunch, check out these "Doctor Who" cakes. They are deliciously awesome, and I want them all!

+ And if you'd like to goof off for a few minutes at lunch today, then check out this great website called "Save the Words." Run by the Oxford University Press, it asks people to adopt rarely used words in order to keep them in our vocabularies. It's a funny site and there are some great, obscure words there. Enjoy! (And thanks to Park Bench reader Minerva for the link.)

+ What else has the tanked economy killed besides my dream of owning a team of superhero goats who fight crime? Apparently, it's killed chick-lit, too. I know it's selfish, but I'm still more upset about the goats.

+ NBC will be adapting the comic book series, "Midnight, Mass" as a TV show. The story revolves around a "a sophisticated, sexy, globe-trotting husband-and-wife team who solve mysteries and crimes of the supernatural." You know what would help them solve those mysteries? Goats.

+ And finally, looking for a little "Stargate" music to brighten your day? What if that music was played by the Mountain View High School Spartan Marching Band performing at the Lodi Grape Bowl Classic? Exactly -- ten different kinds of awesome. Thanks to Park Bench reader and Mountain View alumna Kiri for sharing this!


Michele said...

Those Whoniverse cakes are awesome and I SO want a Martha cake for my birthday!!

kerry (washu) noodles said...

Uh, the Caprica pilot was AWFUL and the addition of Patton Oswalt is the first thing I've heard that might tempt me to tune in. If that show makes it to a second season I'll eat my hat.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I just love the marching band Stargate a former colorguard captain AND SG fan, thanks a qua-drillion!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious...why is Patton Oswalt persona non grata? I will admit that I don't know a lot about him, but he was recently interviewed by Terry Gross and he seemed fairly sharp. Preview for Big Fan doesn't seem bad, either (