Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Odds & Ends: Where the Wild Things Are, Halo, Olmos, embroidery and polymaths

+ What better way to start the week than with a new "Where the Wild Things Are" preview? I'll admit, I was tepid on this film when I first heard about it, but everything I've seen so far makes it look...well...enchanting and that's not a word I use everyday:

+ Speaking of enchanting (there, I've gone and used the word again), check out this great sampling of Whedon-inspired stitchery -- is that a word? My favorite is the "It's curtains for you, Dr. Horrible" piece...with the little curtains attached.

+ In movie news, it looks like Steven Spielberg may be taking over the "Halo" movie and everyone's favorite crazy space admiral, Edward James Olmos, will be joining the cast of "The Green Hornet." Oh, and sadly, McG is going to make a "Terminator 5." I would be more likely to see it if he was going to make a "Terminator 9 to 5 The Musical" but that's probably not in the cards.

+ Looking for a few summer book recommendations? May I suggest reading Felicia Day's hilarious recaps of what she's been reading these last few weeks? They include romance and zombies and hot bisexual druids. No, really.

+ Want to see a preview for Matt Smith (aka "Doctor Who" Eleven)'s new flick? It's about a woman who clones her dead boyfriend...and then has to wait for him to grow up. Awkward!

+ Here's a rather touching account of one woman's pen pal friendship with director John Hughes, who sounds like he was a very kind, patient and gracious man.

+ And finally, new research shows that kids who develop imaginary playworlds when they're young are more likely to display broad creativity when they get older. Congratulations, WoW creators, odds are, you're polymaths!


Nightfall said...

Speaking of crazy space admirals, I got to meet Olmos at the Chicago Comicon last Saturday. He was very gracious, asked my name, shook hands, chatted a bit. He did look a little glazed and numb after two days of gushing fans, but he was still incredible. I think I blurted out something about the UN thing being super cool. It's all a blur.

Then Olmos, Hogan (Col Tigh), and the woman that plays Kat all ate lunch two tables from mine. SQUEE!

Spencer said...

Ahh, but the real question is - do those curtains gently waft?

And yes, enchanting is the word for that preview.

Tracy said...

Wild Things does look excellent. Saw a great trailer at the movies a few weeks back.

About Womb ... Smith's character is cloned but his girlfriend gives birth to the clone from what I have read. Not sure how to feel about that!

Shannon said...

There was a movie like that years ago. A man decided to clone his dead wife? I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining that.

Liz said...

I think that whole "carrying the clone of your dead boyfriend" thing would make for very awkward first-date conversation. "Have you read "Oedipus?'" "No, why?" "Um, no reason."

Nightfall, that's great that you got to meet Olmos! Sounds like he's as wonderful with fans as everyone says he is. It's always nice to hear good things about actors you like.

Shannon said...

Found it! I remember liking the movie.

nancypearlwannabe said...

LOVE the "Reavers attack" cross stitch.

TLH said...

Where the Wild Things Are is precious to me. It's a piece of my childhood. So when I heard about this I was skeptical at best. But, I have to admit, after seeing that I am so excited! I can hardly wait for it to come out!!

@winterone51 said...

Is it just me, or is the WTWTA trailer off center, and the Womb trailer cut off? Anyway, WTWTA is one of my favorite books of all time. My boyfriend found this out and bought me a beautiful hard cover edition for Christmas two years ago. It's on display in our living room!

I also got to meet Mr. Olmos at the Calgary convention a few months back. He was amazing. I also got to meet Kandyse McClure (Dee,) Sean Astin and Margot Kidder. Woop! Wrote my column on it here: