Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Odds & Ends: The Guild, Arkham Asylum and Tolstoy as your Intro to Lit professor

+ Don't forget, if you're an Xbox Live Gold Member, you could be watching episode one of "The Guild"'s new season...and telling the rest of us all about it. It'll become available to Xbox Silver members next week. In the meantime, to tide us over, here's a season 3 preview...with Wil Wheaton!

<a href="" target="_new" title="The Guild Season 3 - Trailer">Video: The Guild Season 3 - Trailer</a>

+ Some dude named Gary over at Entertainment Weekly chimes in on all the hubbub over the new "Batman: Arkham Asylum" game. He likes it but he's not sure how much he likes it. Boys, I swear...

+ Speaking of games, MSNBC offers this article in which gamers fight back against a recent study claiming that says most players are overweight and depressed. This follows hot on the heels of that other recent study revealing how a lot of studies are based on huge, lazy generalities that serve no purpose other than to piss people off.

+ Saw this mentioned in The New Yorker: would literary giants make good college professors? Times Higher Education published their very funny analysis of fictional job interviews with such literary legends as Tolstoy, Kafka and Rimbaud, who was deemed "not suited to a university environment except as an expellable member of a fraternity - if one would take him."

+ In other high-brow news, did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps his Conan the Barbarian sword in his office? The one where he's all governor-y and stuff? See? That empty chair is where a foe once sat.


Your Husband said...

Before I forget. Grab the controller for the 360 and press the big center X button down to turn on the system. Set the TV to Component 2. When it is all loaded up, press the X button(not the blue one, the big X in the center) again. Scroll down to the option that should say Sign In (1 Profile), hit A. Then hit A again and that will get you on my Gold account. Back out using B and scroll to the Video Marketplace and there you should find The Guild.

Quilt Monkey said...

Loved the Guild! It keeps getting better and better. This episode definitely leaves you wanting more. Damn those short episodes!!