Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Odds & Ends: Tennant, Dollhouse, tauntauns

Just a super-short update this morning, I'm afraid. More newsy goodness on Monday. Have a great weekend!

+ Ladies, if you have your bibs handy, you might want to check out this new series of interviews with David Tennant conducted by PBS for his upcoming stint as host of "Masterpiece Contemporary." He talks about acting, his career, "Doctor Who" and uses the word "simulacrum" in every day conversation.

+ "Dollhouse" is going bye-bye for the month of November, while FOX tries to boast its ratings by showing, uh, re-runs of other shows. Whatever. Anyway, "Dollhouse" will be back in December with new episodes.

+ Here's a tasty treat for any social gathering: an eviscerated tauntaun cake, complete with sleepy-from-hypothermia Luke Skywalker. It's the frosting entrails that really make it art.


Marla said...

Thanks for the Tennant link! Mmm....

Anonymous said...

No bid here, but the videos were cool. Thanks for the link. And in other news, I'll miss Monday's Castle because I'll be in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, those Tennant interview clips were wonderful--thanks for the link! It should be illegal for someone to be so easy on the eyes and yet witty, smart, and insightful at the same time. Definitely the thinking woman's sex symbol. : D