Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Odds & Ends: "Chuck," Nimoy, literati for sale, Tennant, Pegg, and oh yes, Miley

+ Great news for fans of "Chuck!" Because NBC's fall schedule is already quietly imploding, the network may be bringing "Chuck" back earlier than expected. Originally, new episodes were set to air in March. Now, the show might come back as early as the end of this month.

+ Interested in finding out what the wizened elder statesmen of sci-fi thinks about his role on "Fringe?" Then check out this interview with Leonard Nimoy on his character William Bell and how generally awesome he thinks J.J. Abrams is.

+ You know how sometimes the cost of shoes in the Nieman Marcus catalog can make you cry? It's nothing compared to the price tag on this truly rare and unusual gift: a $200,000 dinner for you and a guest with "eight of the brightest minds of modern literature, journalism and the arts." Yes, you can buy dinner with such literary luminaries as Christopher Buckley, Malcolm Gladwell, Nora and Delia Ephron and George Stephanopolous. Never fear, though, the writers aren't selling out. They're doing it for charity. Still, though, I bet I could get a foot rub from Stephanopolous for another $100 in cash.

+ I've never been able to get excited about "X-Men" but I'm sure a lot of folks will be happy with this news: Bryan Singer might return to direct the next "X-Men" installment.

+ Daniel Radcliffe is doing a reading of the musical "How to Succeed in Business" in New York with the idea that the show might be relaunched sometime soon.

+ Let's all sit down a moment for this one: David Tennant is rumored to be starring in a new film with...Simon Pegg -- and yes, that's where I hiccuped in joy. Called "Burke and Hare," it's directed by John Landis and described as a period comedy about, of all things, 19th century graverobbers in Edinburgh.

+ And in perhaps the best handling of any Chris Carter project to date, there's a rumor that Fox is planning to adapt Carter's other semi-successful show "Millennium"...without him. But with creepy Lance Henrickson, so I see this as a win-win for everyone!

+ Oh, and here's that video of Miley Cyrus "rapping" her farewell to Twitter. Why, you ask, would I post this? Mostly because she rhymes "people" with "pimple" but also because it's Monday, I'm unemployed and sometimes laughing at dumb children is the only thing that makes my day feel special. Enjoy!


emily said...

Tennant and Pegg.


Jen said...

The fan girl in my just got the vapours.

Can we throw in some Dylan Moran just to make my heart explode?

Liz said...

I thought about passing out smelling salts before announcing the Tennant/Pegg news. I probably should have followed through on that. :)

Adam said...

I only made it 33 seconds into the Miley Cyrus rap. I really wanted to get to the people/pimple rhyme, but I just couldn't make it.

P.S. As I enjoy doing in my comments on this blog--my word verification is "crobinge" ...hehe.