Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finally, Emmy justice has been served!

Thank God, Kiefer Sutherland received another Emmy nomination this year. Phew. I was totally worried. You know how hit and miss these things are. Year after year, so many people get unjustly nominated for Emmys -- like that Lauren Graham. Total award hog. Thankfully, though, the always emotive Kiefer has claimed the recognition he deserves. Just look at these performances:

He's angry!

He's heroic!

He's commanding!

He's sad!

He's happy!

He's shy!

Just kidding.
Not really.

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Mickie Poe said...

haha! Love the boards!

Steve B said...

Can you imagine a Val Kilmer and Keifer Sutherland movie? Actually they both could have played the trees in Lord of the Rings very well.

Liz said...

Well, I don't know. Those trees had to walk and talk in a convincing manner.

I feel bad picking on Kiefer. It's not that he's a terrible actor. It's just that I can't believe he'd win any sort of award as Jack Bauer. All he does is shout, blow stuff up and then whisper. Like you said yesterday, it's because of the way the show's set up, but still, it's really no excuse.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that if Kilmer could land a part in a Western he would kick Keifer's ass...if they could find a horse big enough!!

L-D's D

Liz said...

He looks like Beau Bridges!