Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Things completely unrelated to Lindsey Lohan

Here's a little afternoon pick-me-up: Wil Wheaton performing scenes from the Picard vs. Kirk writing contest for Star Trek fans. Somehow I don't really think he's giving it his all, although he is giving it a nice coat of light, shiny insincerity. Thanks to Park Bench reader Shan for the tip!

On a completely unrelated note, I'm planning on checking out the new FX series, "Damages" tonight, starring Cruella deVille who also once played Glenn Close. The series has been getting rave reviews, and it's produced and written by a friend of mine from high school. The guy once got an Emmy nomination for penning an episode of "The Sopranos," so he knows what's what with the whole writing thing.

And from Monsters and Critics comes this story about a postal worker who braved floodwaters to deliver the latest Harry Potter book to the folks in his village who not only had to suffer through rising waters but also the worry that they'd never see their books. I think I love this guy a little, especially since my mailman won't even put the flap on my mailbox down when it rains.

And finally, Premiere magazine has a list of the top ten TV shows that should be movies. The list includes "Friday Night Lights" which, um, I'm pretty sure was already a movie but therein lies the synergistic irony, I'm sure.


Shan said...

I might have to catch up with Damages later. It looks good, but my Tivo is straining right now, AND I'm in the process of moving, so I can't get too caught up in another serial (though I did get knocked out over AMC's Mad Men, the best premier I've seen in ages).

On a Trek note, it seems like it's all but final that Zachary Quinto (Heroes Sylar) will be Spock in JJ Abrams new Trek movie. Not only is he completely right for the part, but he's a geek who has been lobbying for it. Great move.

Liz said...

They need to give those Tivo's more memory capacity, don't they? Ours is packed to the gills right now with unwatched shows. I keep waiting for that spare 72 hours or so I need to catch up.

That's very cool about Quinto in the new Trek movie. I just saw something about that this morning. He'll be perfect for the part.

And I really do want to see Mad Men. I read your blog post about it, and it sounds terrific.