Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let's chat...or at least post in slightly confusing threads

Some of you may have noticed the Yahoo! Groups button newly installed on this page. I created a group for The Park Bench, thinking it might give us a chance to chat about things of a nerdy nature now and then. This seemed like the second best option after realizing that I don’t have the technological skills to figure out how to create a forum. Please click here to go to the The Park Bench Online group and join in. When you join, please feel free to create a thread and introduce yourselves or throw a topic out for discussion. I figure we have at least a few weeks to enjoy the thing before the spammers get to it. Just enough time for you to tell me which Harry Potter book I should read, since I've never read one before. Ever. I know. I'm thinking that's a bad thing.

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