Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A little of this and a little of that.

Farscape set to return
From Park Bench reader Jenn B.: "I was surprised nerds like you hadn't mentioned this yet! I hope I am right in assuming that, as fans of shows like Battlestar, Firefly, and Star Trek, you were once fans of Farscape. Were you aware that SciFi has, finally after many years of lobbying from fans, ordered a 10-episode Farscape web series? Spread the joy to all nerd girls (and boys) that they may soon revel in Chricton's sarcasm, Chiana's sexual prowess, Rygel's greed, D'Argo's raw manliness, and all that was good and pure in Farscape." Check out the story yourself at SyFyPortal. Thanks for the tip, Jenn!

Dear parents: Congratulations, you're paying thousands of dollars for your kids to ride brooms.
I don't quite know what to think about this story about some college kids who have created their own Quidditch league. On the one hand, it's kinda cool. On the other hand, uh, I hope they know they can't really fly. "I wanted to emulate the magical nature you find in Harry Potter books," said Dewey, 20, a student of music and education. But he admits he has to make concessions to reality. "A lot of that you can't really replicate exactly because we are not witches and wizards." Okay, that's fine then.

There's an ingeniously insightful Jesus comment here somewhere
The Cylons are going to love this one. Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University have built robots that walk on water. The insectlike critters have four to sixteen legs, are two to six inches long and weight just a few grams. They use the surface tension of water to remain upright and dry, just like those creepy water-strider bugs. Not that I believe anyone needs any reason whatsoever to build a robot, but you gotta wonder why anyone would build a robot specifically to walk on water? Environmental monitoring of still-water ecosystems like ponds and marshes, of course! Oh, also, they can be used to spy on people. Hello, Mr. Attorney General!

He bled and everything!
And finally, I know this is old news, but for some reason, I enjoy the idea of two comedians fist-fighting, especially when the one getting beaten up is Andy Dick. I'm hoping the ghost of Fanny Brice beats the shit out of Carlos Mencia sometime soon.

Is there a cod piece? 'Cause there's usually a cod piece. has a cool item on the top ten greatest super villain costumes of all time. I think it's the swanky glasses that really sell it for Catwoman. And maybe the whip. And the brutal addiction to catnip.


Shan said...

In no particular order:

How much of a putz are you when you can make Jon Lovitz look like a badass? (Mad props, though, for defending the memory of the brilliant Phil Hartman).

This Farscape thing came out of nowhere. Huh? I love the 'scape, but who is in this? What's it about? But of course I'll watch. And on a related note, they're also doing another series of "webisodes" to lead up to BSG's "Razor" movie.

How long before we find out about a steroids scandal, a strip club incident or a dog fighting ring associated with Quidditch?

Liz said...

Yeah, I was very glad that Lovitz was defending Hartman. If what he accuses is even partially true, then good for him.

And regarding steroids and Quidditch, did you hear that some golfer said they've been using steroids in golf? Golf? Seriously. Does that mean it's rampant in bowling, too? What the hell?

And yeah to the BSG webisodes I totally forgot to post about that. Thanks for reminding me.

Shan said...

Yeah, here's a link to the steroids in golf story.,28136,1645009,00.html

My favorite quote:

Goosen's fellow South African Ernie Els also dismissed Player's allegations. "I take some Advil and some anti-inflammatories," he said, before adding, "I also take some Guinness."