Friday, May 23, 2008

News of the Day -- Friday, May 23

+ For those of us who get lost on the way to the refrigerator, I tip my hat to the winner of this week's national Geography Bee, a kid I would definitely trust with the navigation on a summer road trip.

+ Who says charts and graphs can't be funny? Probably anyone who's been to a board meeting. This site proves me wrong. Thanks to Park Bench reader Kathe for sharing.

+ An Indiana Jones-inspired sartorial warning on fedoras and other genre wear, from Wired. So some of us like to dress like Hello, Kitty from time to time...what's so wrong with that?


Kimberly said...

My guy loves his Indiana Jones-style fedora. He's been wearing it on an almost-daily basis as long as he's been an adult.

Funny enough, he did NOT wear it to the 12:01 showing of Indy 4 becuase if you ooze Indy cool every day, no need to wear the fedora as a stunt.

Liz said...

Exactly. If a man's got style, a man's got style. No need to flaunt it when he doesn't have to. :)

Anjuli said...

Pretty funny graphs! Although the nerd in me is irked about the improper choice of plot type in most of those graphs. Another funny graph-maker can be found at -very creative. :)

Coco Bunny said...

Awwww, c'mon...fedoras are hot.

With the rest of the Indy getup out in public...probably not. But on their own, done right...mmm. :o)