Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Odds and Ends for Tuesday

Did any of you catch the season premiere of "Chuck" last night? What did you think? I really enjoyed it - it seemed like a tighter show with a faster pace and better direction. The gags were good and the actors really seem to be settling into their roles. One sad note, though: the green Buy More salesman outfit does nothing for our beloved Adam Baldwin. Can't they change it to a more flattering color? Is that too much to ask?

In other news:

  • And if you're looking for something to get you through the day, just remember you can pick up the "Iron Man" DVD tonight after work. The special two-disc Ultimate Edition has scads of extra goodies including a two-hour documentary and Robert Downey's screen test in which I'm assuming he just stood there looking sexy and was instantly given the job.


Lissy said...

I've lived in Jersey my whole life and I still always get lost if I don't know where I'm going.

Liz said...

Oh thank God, I've been convinced for years now that Jersey just has it in for me and switches up the roads while I'm there. I've never been lost so many times in my life. I seriously got to know the toll both attendant, I went through so many times.

You've made me feel much better. :)

agent57 said...

But really, does Adam Baldwin really need anything done for him?

I'm gonna rent Iron Man and watch it SO HARD. I'm ashamed to say I missed it in the theater. (along with many other things) I think I probably have to turn in my geek badge for that.

Marie said...

Love the comics list. Thanks for the link :-)