Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Odds and Ends

Who caught "Fringe" last night? I'm liking that show more and more. John Noble is a scene stealer and Joshua Jackson is still looking fine. Tuesdays are turning into good TV nights - even "House" is better this year!

In other slightly more relevant news...
  • Did you know that today is National Punctuation Day? Let's start inserting unnecessary semi-colons in everything we write today and completely gum; up the works!!! Yeah, three exclamation points worth of enthusiasm there! (Wait, four...)
  • And finally, this has nothing to do with nerdiness. I just like the title: "Pony-sized pig traps woman for 10 days." I love any and all headlines with the word "pony" in it. On my office wall, actually, I have an old Reuters story with the headline "Driver fined for Cramming Pony in Hatchback." Brilliant. The world would be a better place if we just used the word "pony" more often. For example: "Secretary Paulson and a small Shetland pony testified before Congress today; pony denounced neigh-sayers." And suddenly, we all feel a lot better, right?


chewbob said...

I wonder what it is that makes the word "pony" so awesome. When I was in high school, I loved it so much I would say it for no reason. My friends had a "pony" intervention with me. My senior year, they gave me the "Theater Protector" award and mimicked the speech from Buffy. On the "weird things" that happened in theater, the "Snyder" replacement was "ponies".

The Modern Gal said...

When the Star Wars thing came up on HIMYM it sparked a conversation between my boyfriend and I. We decided we're screwed if we have to obsessively like each other's favorite movies/music/books.

Oh, and !;!;!; The semicolon is my favorite kind of punctuation. I'm also a comma abuser.

Liz said...

Chewbob, I absolutely love the fact that you were on the receiving end of a pony intervention. I think we would have been very good friends in high school!

Modern Gal, I totally agree with you on having to just let it lie when our significant others can't share our pop culture obsessions. Also, go semicolons! They're the most underappreciated punctuation of the bunch.

agent57 said...

The only problem with that HIMYM clip is that I can't suspend my disbelief long enough to buy that any heterosexual woman wouldn't AT LEAST be smitten by Han Solo. Or, for that matter, that no one has actually not seen Star Wars or somehow gained a nearly complete knowledge of it through the collective unconsciousness.

Also, I will always love Alec Baldwin , no matter how old he gets.

agent57 said...

Also, I hate watching things I love with people who haven't seen them... I can't stop myself from nit-picking them in my head, and glancing over to see how they're reacting.

Michelle said...

I actually remembered to watch HIMYM and when ahe called Chewbacca a bear, I cracked up. Just as good as "walking carpet" in my book.

And I am so digging Fringe. Pacey... I mean Peter is soooo dreamy. (swoon)

Camera Obscura said...

Ooh, semi-colons; I have a love affair with semi-colons! (Although I took one of those Hello-Quizzy thingumies once to determine "what kind of punctuation" I am, and it said a colon!)

I think that interview just proves that it is in the general interest of the American public to keep Alec Baldwin employed; he seems to be happier and less rabidly-political when he is so.

I never had a thing for ponies (or horses of any sort) as a girl, but it's a damned fun word to blurt unexpectedly: Pony!

crone51 said...

your husband doesn't like BSG? What is *wrong* with him?

My husband and I share a BSG obsession. He doesn't quite get the Dr. Who thing though. I think he doesn't have the right hormones/sexual orientation to appreciate David Tennant.

Liz said...

Agent 57, totally agree with you about Han Solo. I'm pretty sure Harrison Ford in Empire Strikes Back single-handedly jump started my adolescence.

And a shared huzzah for Alec Baldwin as well. I probably wouldn't want to spend a long weekend with him but from the sidelines, he's damn entertaining.

Crone51, I should amend my statement about my husband and BSG by saying that he was actually the person who got me into the show in the first place. He just lost interest somewhere in the second half of season three and hasn't liked it much at all since then. He likes more action, less religion and depression.