Thursday, March 19, 2009

25 Things I Loved Most About "Battlestar Galactica"...In No Particular Order

1. Tahmoh Penikett's provocative underbite.

2. Individual actors playing multiple characters...and managing to make each one unique. Natalie, you were the best Six of all! *sniff*

3. Michael Hogan's Amazing Magical Orb of Acting aka The Eyeball Not Known as Patches

4. The show made Dirk Benedict angry. Hahahaha, Starbuck's a girl!

5. Baltar: a character equal parts sinister, aggravating, repulsive and hilariously awesome.

6. The show's hottest romantic couple was comprised of two actors over the age of 50...and its Cylon power couple was comprised of two Canadians. Talk about breaking down barriers.

7. The FX people blowed things up all awesome-like, making it the prettiest space porn this side of Industrial Light and Magic.

8. Apollo and his towel. Let us reflect:

9. They made up a word and people started using the frakkin' thing.

10. They killed off Cally!

11. Secondary characters mattered...and actually stuck around. Or didn't -- sorry, Duck! Buh-bye, Kat!

12. The writers took chances. Hell, they devoted a whole episode to a guy carrying a dead cat around in a bag. Not necessarily a good thing, but hey, A for effort.

13. The tough women on the show were portrayed as actual women, not booby-wearing girl dudes.

14. Shiny Cylon Centurions = pretty AND menacing.

15. No one wore velour. Or a cape.

16. Three words: John Hodgman cameo.

17. Two more words: Doc Cottle!

18. Good characters who did bad things: Laura and her stolen election, Gaeta and his mutiny, Adama and his alcoholism, Saul and his suicide attacks

19. Bad characters who did good things: Six rescuing Hera, Baltar saving Cally, Zarek saving Laura. BSG eats yer moral ambiguity for lunch!

20. The fact that the world has now gotten to hear James Callis say that God and/or Colin Firth loves us "just the way we are" TWICE this century. Thank you, RDM, for giving us the Bridget Jones' Diary/Battlestar Galactica crossover moment we thought we'd never see!

21. It was a show I never had to apologize for watching. Unless, of course, "The Woman King" was on.

22. Its actors blew me away week after week after week -- I'm looking at you, Mary McDonnell, Aaron Douglas and Katee Sackhoff. Okay, and Edward James Olmos but Adama needs to stop crying like a little girl every week. Seriously.

23. Boxey 2.0 got sent to an intergalactic farm for unnecessary TV children.

24. Its creators loved the show as much as its fans, and those creators always treated those fans with respect. And gave us podcasts!

25. Most important of all, "Battlestar Galactica" made us contemplate big ideas: good versus evil, right versus wrong, us versus them. It challenged its viewers and made us think. That's a beautiful thing.

Wait, did I mention Apollo and his towel? I better post the picture again just in case:


So what about you? What are you going to miss most when BSG goes off the air tomorrow night?


crone51 said...

There was a thread on one of those annoying Skiffy ( oh, I guess we can't call it that anymore) forums that have all the pictures and moving stuff on all the posts- that was started by Mrs. Ron who asked what we all though the meaning of BSG was. My answer was something along the lines of " life is very complicated, more than you can ever know. Assume that everyone else is as confused as you are. There are no answers -just lots and lots of questions. Learn to live with uncertainty - it keeps you honest and kind".
Thoughts folks? BSG meaning of life? Meaning of BSG life? Meaning of John Cleese's life? I digress. 100 words or less and I want the answers on my desk in the AM . So say we all. godsdammit I am going to miss this show. It's the best. I will be crying in my ambrosia tomorrow night.

Kathe said...

Your 25 Reasons are the best..especially Apollo and his towel... :)

crone51 said...

Addendum to other comment up there: I am inordinately fond of # 23 in the list.

Jen Anderson said...

I'll miss Starbuck bringing the crazy. I love strong, powerful women, who have even more issues than I do.

Camera Obscura said...


And can I see Jamie in the towel one more time please? In the name of science? Because I've got the 1999 TV series Scarlet Pimpernel here, cued up to just the right spot, and I'm doing a comparison test. It's very scientific, I swear.

Nightfall said...

The scene from the rescue on New Caprica where Adama jumps Galactica into the atmosphere, falls falls falls, releases the raptors and then poof jumps away... Oh man, I have goosebumps just thinking about it. It's moments like that that I will miss, and having something to do on Friday evening.

Phe said...

I will miss Starbuck. A strong but realistic female character who does things her own way and kicks butt doing it, those are very rare on TV.