Wednesday, March 11, 2009

*gurgle gurgle* Exterminate! *gurgle gurgle*

Daleks are real! Daleks are real! I knew it!

Or at least the props are real. Says Gizmodo:

Marc Oakland was helping to clean a pond in Beulieu, Hampshire, UK, when he stumbled upon the head of Dr. Who's enemy, the Dalek. Apparently, there was some filming done for the show in the 80s in the area, and the head was left behind. Either that or this Dalek got turned around somewhere and died a slow, undignified death at the bottom of a marsh.

I never find anything except canoes and duck porn when I dredge my small bodies of water. :(

Thanks to Park Bench reader Jen for sending this in!


agent57 said...

All this time they were supposed to be these crazy killing machines, and it turns out they can be bested by a marsh? LAME.

Michele said...

And Who fandom being what it is, there's a Live Journal ficathon - dalekinthepond - for stories about how the Dalek ended up in the pond! :D

Rolo said...

They get defeated by marhes, and don't forget: Stairs!

agent57 said...

Not anymore, they don't! I guess they're just still working on the anti-marsh technology?

Julia said...

That is so awesome.