Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Odds and Ends

+ Looks like Stephen Colbert's spanking the Firefly fans in the race to name the NASA space station's Node 3. He has 115,000 some votes compared to Serenity's 98,000-ish.

+ Did you hear the rumor on who the new companion will be for Matt Smith when he takes over for David Tennant on Doctor Who next year? Hannah Murray from "Skins." The article's photo makes her look even younger than Smith but everyone I know who's seen "Skins" says she's a terrific actress, so that's good news.

+ Via Entertainment Weekly, this blog got its hands on the 125-page transcript of the discussions Spielberg and Lucas had when creating "Raiders of the Lost Ark." If you're a fan of the movie -- and who isn't? -- there's some really fascinating stuff in there.

+ Audrey Niffengger, author of "The Time Traveler's Wife," just got $5 million for her new novel, about two twins who inherit an apartment near a cemetery.

+ Did anyone get to see "Castle" last night? It's tempting me on my DVR right now but I won't have a chance to watch it until tonight. What did you guys think?


Amanda said...

Gah, I love Colbert as much as the next gal, but I can't handle how people are so intensely fanatical.

I'm desperate to see Castle too! It's on my computer but I haven't had a chance to see it. I saw Natey-poo on The View, etc so I'm really psyched.

chris said...

I saw Castle and enjoyed it (largely due to Nathan but I think he could sit on the floor and stare at the camera for an hour and I would be transfixed.) The few people I talked to seem to have the same opinion: It's a generic cop show that Nathan will carry with his superior acting and humor. The murder plot was flimsy so hopefully they'll bring in better twists or he will only be able to carry it so far.

RedCochina said...

Hey! That "chris" comment was mine. Hubby must have been on my computer. He is so in for it... :)

Chanimal said...

Nathan Fillion was amazing, and the cop Beckett was as strong as him and could match him point for point in wit. The dialogue was really great and every character is strong. I am really looking forward to more of the show. I agree with chris, that it is a generic cop show, but it's oddly light which makes it stand out. They don't focus on the procedural as much as other cop shows.

Sarah Blue said...

Time Traveler's Wife was a great read. I'm excited that she had a new book coming out soon.

Nightfall said...

Castle was a lot better than I expected. Fillion was great, that smirky smile... swoon! I thought the chick was vastly mis-cast at first, but she did pretty well.

And as much as I like Stephen Colbert, Serenity needs to win.

Heto said...

I can't figure out how to vote! I've tried and tried, but I'm stumped. And I definitely think Serenity would be a better name than Stephen Colbert!

agent57 said...

I just... I think there should be an age balance in there somewhere? Like, the collective ages of the actors that play The Doctor and his companion should add up to at least fifty?

I guess they could just throw a second, ten year old companion in and that would work?

(I still have faith. I think.)

Camera Obscura said...

Castle's a great vehicle for Fillion, but I'm afraid it's bog-standard otherwise. Caricatures instead of characters, a waaay too easy whodunit (let's hope this changes) and it's very self-aware.

ABC's already cut back their order, but this was done before the first airing, included another show in the request, and is supposedly b/c of the bad economy.

crone51 said...

I saw Castle. I was amused. I also had the occasional attack of the vapors.

He's adorable. The show is forgettable. He's adorable.

The show was mildly entertaining.

He's completely adorable. Adorable, I tell you!!!

I like him.

And did I mention that I think he's adorable?