Saturday, March 21, 2009

The "BSG" finale

Wow. So. How about that "Battlestar Galactica" finale? From what I've been reading on the message boards (which is really something I should not do -- when will I learn?), it looks like this is one of those episodes that you either love or hate. And I'm one of those people standing firmly on the side of "loved it."

That first hour last night was extraordinary. I didn't think anything could beat the action and excitement of "The Oath" and "Blood on the Scales" from earlier this season, but the attack on The Colony and the rescue of Hera almost managed to put those incredible episodes to shame. Yet for all the amazing space porn -- asteroids and gun batteries and old school centurions versus new school centurions!! -- it managed to pause every few minutes for some wonderful character moments. The exchange between Laura Roslin and Doc Cottle, when she thanks him for giving her extra time to live and, yes, love, was just beautiful. Then later, Baltar finds his courage and in the process allows Caprica Six to be proud of him -- "the only thing missing" -- as she put it. It was a perfect prelude to what followed in the second hour. And the "solving" of the mystery of the opera house really pulled me in -- I loved it. Oh, and how could I forget? Tory finally got her own at the hands of Tyrol. Talk about satisfying.

Now, the second hour is where things seemed to slide off the track for a lot of people but I have to say, I enjoyed it even more than the first hour. There's just no one perfect way that this show could have ended -- there just isn't -- but this solution did everything it needed to do: it provided hope, it gave our characters a place to build new lives and it solved the Earth question. And the resolutions for each character was believable and satisfying to me. I love the idea of Tyrol going off to be a hermit in Scotland. The fact that the Agathons all survived! The moment where Baltar tells Six that he "knows something about farming," totally made me tear up -- a moment of humanity emerge from Baltar. And Kara disappearing into thin air? I loved it. The idea of her as an angel has been at the forefront since she returned from the dead. It wasn't a shock, and I liked the fact that this revelation was made during such a sweet moment with Lee.

I've been avoiding mention of the Roslin and Adama moments because I will admit openly that her death -- although I've been expecting it for what seems like years now -- had me crying for the last 20 minutes of the episode. As much as I wanted her to live, it was absolutely the right choice for her to die after getting to this new Earth, the Earth she wanted so desperately to lead her people to the first time. The farewell with Lee and Kara -- that small wave from the Raptor cockpit -- was heartbreaking. And I liked that Adama was true to his word -- he couldn't live without Laura -- so he went off by himself to build that cabin they both wanted. Sniff.

As for the epilogue, well, okay, it wasn't the greatest thing in the world but it provided a fine denouement to the fast-paced, heartbreaking yet hopeful story that preceded it. I didn't really like the Ron Moore cameo because it took me out of the story and the robots were slightly silly but it didn't ruin anything for me.

Overall, I thought this was a perfect ending for a series that has always taken chances, often succeeding but sometimes not. I woke up today feeling kind of sad that it's all over but wow, what a journey.

What did you think?


Stepha said...

Based on the last two episodes (which I didn't care for much), I was hesitant about the finale. Oh, ye of little faith. Ron had me screaming, holding my breath, laughing, and crying. Like you, I was satisfied with everything. He ended it very well. Now I have to go watch it again and again and again.

nicole said...

I've been bad too,reading message boards, but I agree with your opinion of the ep. I thought it was beautifully done, from the crazy action space porn to Laura's death, which was just gut-wrenching.

Michelle said...

I was pretty middle ground. I thought too many people made it out alive. It was just unrealistic. And Adama saying he couldn't live without Laura implied he would kill himself, not that he would become a hermit talking to her grave. That said, I did love that Tory got what was coming to her, that Hera was Eve, and both Kara and Lee's endings. It may grow on me on second viewings. I hope it does. I love this show too much to be meh about it's ending.

eleeri said...

As soon as I watched the episode last night, I made a post to my livejournal account which you can find here:

Overall I thought it was a pretty good episode, but I missed most of the leadup this season. The whole thing with Kara disappearing was just bewildering. Where'd she go? I love the opera house thing, and Six and Baltar, but I have to say that my absolute favorite moment was when 'Badger' (you know, from Firefly) became president. That just totally made my day.

The thing I'm somewhat disappointed about was I was expecting near complete annihilation of EVERYONE and it didn't happen. I also thought the dialog between the 'angel' Six and Baltar was a bit much at the end.

Nightfall said...

The "angel" Six and Baltar thing reminded me of Good Omens by Terry Pratchett. I'm curious as to what Moore was implying.

All in all, I loved it.

Like Michelle, I could have sworn Adama was going suicide and crash the raptor after Roslin passed and go out in a blaze.

I'm just glad it wasn't anything like The Sopranos. I would have smashed my television.

Nightfall said...

Oh, I lost it laughing at the part where Six and Baltar look at each other and simultaneously say "you can see them?" In an intense exciting episode, it was a great tension release.

crone51 said...

Ooooooh... Nightfall- good catch about the Good Omens Angels! Very funny.

I mostly loved it. Of course I am annoyed that it did not go in the direction I had planned for it- but it ain't my story to tell!

My absolute favorite moment was when Baltar ( always my favorite character-with everyone else running a close second) said, " I know about farming" and choking up. I have watched this series always wanting redemption for Baltar and I got it in the most beautiful way possible.

Incredible cast- one of the all time best ensemble casts ever assembled. Mostly brilliant writing. All I could ever want from SF tv - except that my ending is better .

Jen Anderson said...

I loved it. The "You can see them?" bit was my favorite moment. I'm looking forward to re-watching the entire series on DVD knowing what Chip-Six and Chip-Baltar really are.

I also loved that the angels were so oily and slick and dripping in hedonism.

I thought that the very end was there to give us a hopeful ending that we won't have a robot uprising this time around. Although I love The Terminator, I did like the optimistic ending. But the robot montage at the ending would've fit more with a cynical, it's going to happen again ending (ooh, the cute robots will rise up and kill us all).

I found it very satisfying. I watched the whole thing twice this weekend and cried both times when Adama put his wedding ring on Laura's finger.

I also loved knowing that the story goes on as they get settled and live out their lives on earth. But I also hope that they know how not to get eaten by lions.

Stephen Levinson said...

Caught up with the show just in time to watch the end. Loved it.

Black Eyed Gurl said...

Am pissed about the end Starbuck was given. Other than that I was pleased and happy. But really the Starbuckt hing just pisses me off. Like to no end. Not a fitting or fair end to a character that was so pivotal and so damn important. I mean honestly.

Other than that, it was good. But the Kara thing I just can't stop fuming about. Oh well.

Elimare said...

Just watched it and still in ribbons. Bill putting the ring on lauras finger completely wiped me out. Loved the explanation for the opera house 'chase' but agree that starbuck got kinda a raw deal.

Beth said...

I loved it to bits. Everything about it was beautiful and wonderful. I've also read some negative stuff about the 150,000 years later scene, but I loved it. Hearing the Hendrix classic that is now always going to remind me of BSG and RDM's cameo was just the perfect ending.

Now, the question is how are we going to cope with our depression? I'm incredibly sad that it's over. At least I have my Lost and Dollhouse.