Thursday, January 31, 2008

The "Lost" drinking game

"Lost" returns in all its awesome glory tonight. To celebrate, I offer this "Lost" drinking game. Because I am on a diet, I encourage you to suffer along with me and play the game while enjoying low-fat green tea. Mmmm...

God, I want a donut.

Anyway, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments. The more, the merrier!

Take a sip every time:

* Hurley says “dude.”
* Ben says something nonsensical...and menacing...and semi-rodent-like, possibly about cheese.
* You notice Future Jack’s beard looks like a small bear is getting sexy with his chin.
* Kate waffles between Jack and Sawyer and then Sawyer and Jack and then Jack and Sawyer...and wait for it...Jack and Sawyer some more. Egads, woman!
* Desmond says “aye” in that saucy way that makes you wish he was your yes man
* Locke goes crazy, does crazy, exudes crazy, says “crazy,” acts mildly wacky or kills a guy.

Chug every time:

* Claire actually has a line.
* Claire aggravates you because she actually has a line.
* You get misty-eyed when Bernard and Rose are together.
* Sayid kicks ass...and reminds you of how Naveen Andrews was the only good part of "The English Patient."
* Sawyer grimaces and/or furrows a brow...and you want to tell him that if he keeps making those faces, it’s going to stick. Didn’t his mother teach him anything?
* You feel compelled to call shenanigans because Jin said something way too complicated for a guy who just learned English. Although let’s face it, when Jin’s on screen, are we really listening to what he’s saying or are we just staring? I think we’re just staring.

Pour entire keg over your head and dance around chanting, “I knew it! I knew it! You can’t fool me, Lindelof, with your fancy fooling ways!” if:

* Jacob turns out to be played by the ghost of Anthony Perkins.
* Charlie turns out NOT to be the future! Also, he is now a polar bear.


Shan said...

Sip if:
Jack evidences “daddy issues.”
Desmond says “brotha.”
Someone answers a question with “it’s complicated.”
Sawyer uses a nickname.
New cast member Jeremy Davies acts skittish or unbalanced (wait, Jeremy Davies is always skittish and unbalanced).

Liz said...

The daddy issues will have us all passed out on the floor within seconds.

And I'm totally looking forward to watching Jeremy Davies skitter. Of course, I still blame him for Tom Hanks' demise in Saving Private Ryan, so I do have a few issues with him.

K1 said...

Sip when:

- You recognize someone from the island in someone else's flashback.
- The ominous music gets so loud you have to turn the TV down.
-Someone pulls a gun on a friend or ally.

Anonymous said...

Sip if:

- Jack cries.

Shan said...

Liz, I'm with you on Davies. I have an odd affection for Soderbergh's Solaris (I even like it better than the Russian original), and Davies is at his bat-shit best.

I used to play this drinking game with an ex, where before a show started, we would each pick out one word (no proper nouns or articles) and each time the word you chose was heard on the show, the other person had to drink. I think my liver almost exploded one time when she chose "gas" for a bio-terrorism episode of 24. However, you could only use that word for that episode. For the next ep, you had to choose another word that hadn't been picked before (yes, we kept running lists for each show. yes, I watch waaaay too much TV and should probably enter rehab. But it was fun, dammit!) For tonight's Lost, my word would be "island" or "help."

Liz said...

That's hilarious about 24. At least she didn't pick "dammit!" You wouldn't have woken up for days. :-)

Diamond Fang said...

This is terrific!! For a few Lost-themed dish ideas, check out

This party could go all night :)

Bridget said...

Sip if:
- Someone yells "Go get Jack!" or "Where's Jack?!"
- Charlie says "bullocks", "bloody", or some other British slang.
- Someone gets slapped (not punched) in the face.

Chug if:
- Juliet or Kate beat the crap out of somebody.


Anonymous said...

Here are my rules!

Do a shot for:

-Bad wheelchair politics
-surprise weapon/surprise death
-Time travel
-New character on the island
*blames someone
*calls Kate 'Freckles'
*is complimented on his lying skills
-there is mention of getting off the island
-anytime someone asks someone else to kill someone
-Claire mentions baby or Aaron
-Bad Science!
-Unwanted following in the jungle