Friday, February 01, 2008

The Friday Round-Up

+ It's a snow day today which means plenty of time to contemplate how completely, awesomely great "Lost" was last night. I forget after watching so many hours of "Millionaire Matchmaker" and "American Gladiators" that television can be truly exceptional. (If you didn't see last night's "Lost," turn away now.) Last night's "Lost" premiere was everything I was hoping it would be: fast-paced, baffling, scary (Hurley and Jacob's cabin!! Locke's eye peering through the window! The scary dude visiting Hurley in the mental institution) and intriguing without sacrificing character and heart. Also, I heart Ben and all of his sarcastic asides.

And I hope anyone who played along with the "Lost" drinking game enjoyed pouring the keg over their heads and dancing in triumph when we saw Charlie...alive in the future! (Okay, so technically, he said he was dead, but that's just semantics in my book.)

+ Speaking of books, if you're interested in taking part in the first Park Bench Book Club discussion, please go here and sign up. I've posted an initial "get to know everyone" message, so please join in. I'll post a series of discussion topics on Monday morning just to get the ball rolling, but feel free to take about anything and everything related to "A Room With A View." And if you didn't have time to read the book, but watched the movie, hey, feel free to post about how Helena Bonham Carter's cleavage seems to have aged hardly a day! Or something...

+ In 1979, The Usborne Book of the Future was released, touting all of the miraculous technologies and innovations that will fill our world in the year 2000 and beyond. Via BoingBoing, the Pointless Museum has a full scan of this book, and it's fascinating to see not only the optimism but, well, how wrong a lot of it was. You can't fault 'em for hoping though. I sure wouldn't mind riding one of those solar powered bikes.

+ A movie version of "The Greatest American Hero?" Apparently so, says io9. The good news is that I loved that show as a kid. The bad news is that it's being directed by the same guy who did "The Mighty Ducks," so I'm assuming there'll be at least a few getting-hit-in-the-crotch jokes and at least one or more heartwarming moments, not necessarily in that order.

+ And finally, did you see that NASA is sending The Beatles' "Across the Universe" into space? Specifically, to the North Star. How cool is that? 431 years from now, all the teenagers on the North Star are going to be screaming for John, Paul and George. Sadly, Ringo will still be unpopular.


Kimmer said...

That guy visiting Hurley was seriously creeping me out. I kept waiting for his face to morph into something. I don't know which was worse, that of the cabin. That's why I watch Lost, though!

Liz said...

Yeah, that guy visiting Hurley was definitely scary. It was even scarier with Hurley being so vulnerable at that point. Hugo's one of my favorite characters on Lost and now I've gotten quite worried about him!

But you're right, this is definitely the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back to "Lost."