Monday, February 25, 2008

News of the Day

+ Not too shabby an Oscars ceremony last night. For me, highlights included an always funny Jon Stewart as host, the fact that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's "Falling Slowly" from "Once" beat out all those aggravating "Enchanted" numbers for best song -- and that Marketa got to come back out and finish her acceptance speech and best of all, the fact that former stripper and former blogger Diablo Cody took home an Oscar for best original screenplay for "Juno"...and then totally lost it on exiting the stage. I'm a sucker for seeing people genuinely happy at the Oscars. Speaking of which, do the Coen brothers get excited for anything? More importantly, what did you think of the big show?

+ If you do only one thing for yourself today, you have to watch this commercial from this past Saturday's SNL with Tina Fey. Ever wondered what it would be like to have your period only once a year? Thanks to a fictional pharmaceutical, SNL will show you:


Sarah said...

oh, I loved it when they let Marketa come back on stage, too. It seemed so... nice. I'm sure Jon Stewart was the muscle behind it. I was really happy to see Marion Cotillard win, too. I haven't seen La Vie en Rose yet, but I loved seeing someone so giddy and honestly amazed to have won.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Tina's appearance on SNL. Loved the skit, "What's that bitch talking about?"



Liz said...

There were actually more than a few funny things in this last SNL. I was pleasantly shocked. The parody of Rock of Love was great as was her Clinton rant.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The "Rock Of Love" skit was very funny. As if the actual show isn't funny enough..