Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News of the Day

+ Ever wanted to have an electronic gadget inserted under your skin so it can do slightly magical things? Who hasn't? Well, now if you want a subdermal gadget that shows videos, makes phone calls and, oh okay, actually does important things like monitor pacemakers and check blood sugar for diabetics, science has just the thing for you. It looks like this and it's powered by blood flow, which is one-part icky and one-part really, really cool.

Thank you to Trey for sending that one in.

+ Another one of those "shocking" studies came out suggesting that high school students may not be as smart as all those cute fifth graders who hang out with Jeff Foxworthy. Only forty-three percent of them knew that the Civil War took place between 1850 and 1900. (Wait, there was a civil war???) The article includes a link to sample questions so you can check out your own historical and literary knowledge.

+ Researchers in Italy have proven that fish can count up to four. Um, yay? Sure, they're feeling cool about it now, but let's see how they do on that high school literary test.*

* They'd probably do quite well. Which means they're smart which means I'm going to feel bad about eating them now. Damn it!

1 comment:

agent57 said...

Eew that gadget makes my arms itch. And how would it be touchscreen when it's always... touching the skin, kind of? (From the other side ew?) And do I really want to not be able to escape my cell phone? (I compulsively check it enough as it is)

And yet, it's kind of really a cool idea and I want it.