Wednesday, February 27, 2008

News of the Day -- Late Edition Because Blogger Ate the Early Edition

+ Trekkies rejoice! There's a very cool new Star Trek exhibition getting ready to tour the country in 2008. Visitors will see props, costumes, experience simulations and get a chance to sit in the captain's chair on not one, but TWO bridges. Sadly, no word on whether we'll get to sit on the laps of any captains, although I'm calling dibs on Picard right here and now. The exhibition is currently in Long Beach, CA, so if you're out there, check it out and let us know what you think.

+ Although Miss Piggy was noticeably absent from the red carpet, the annual Jim Henson Awards were recently awarded to four companies and individuals who are carrying on the Muppet master's spirit of creativity. Honorees included My Billionaire Boyfriend (TM) Richard Branson, writer Neil Gaiman and the website The best part of the award? The trophy:

Way cooler than an Oscar!

+ This item's kind of a good news/bad news thing. The bad news? There's a fairly good chance humanity's going to fuck up the planet pretty bad -- yup, even worse than we already have. The good news? Whoever -- or whatever -- is left behind is going to have a fabulous seed collection. Yes, the doors opened recently on the cheerfully named Doomsday Seed Vault, which will serve as a repository to preserve and protect millions of seeds and crops in the event they get destroyed by climate change, war or natural disaster. I've been thinking of cataloging my Hostess Fruit Pie collection too but that one'll pretty much just benefit me. Sorry, humanity!

+ And finally, NASA is planning to crash two rockets into the Moon's surface to see if they can find hidden water ice. Ten bucks says they've got Gary Busey signed on to drive those bad boys. I'm guessing Busey will be unsuccessful in recruiting Jennifer Garner or Ryan Seacrest as co-pilot.

Special thanks to Trey for submitting the Henson award and Doomsday seed vault items.


Florinda said...

I saw the Star Trek exhibition the weekend it opened in Long Beach - I think it may have moved on by now, actually, or will soon. My husband fulfilled a lifelong dream of sitting in Captain Kirk's chair (the real thing, from the actual bridge set). If you've seen The Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas you've seen some of the stuff on the tour, but if not - if its mission brings it near you, go and see it!

The Hubby said...

What has two thumbs and will never go to any sort of Star Trek event other than being dragged to a ST movie?

This guy!

*picture me with both hands with the thumbs up sign pointing at myself when I said "This guy!"*

Jessica said...

The paranoid part of me just knows crashing rockets into the moon is going to knock it out of its natural rotation and hence fuck up its gravitational pull and inevitably kill us faster than climate change.

Liz said...

Ha ha, sweetie, it's cute that you think that. :-)

Liz said...

Jessica, I was totally worried about that, too. Don't these scientists watch Bruckheimer movies? This kind of stuff is dangerous!

Trey said...

You called dibs?


I can be second, though, right? I mean, I tried Earl Grey tea because of him...

Trey said...

The hubby - you're totally missing out on the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, then. It has rides!