Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Odds and Ends: Futurama, geek pick-up lines, ununbium and Hammer pants

+ "Futurama" has been reborn! I look forward to many more episodes of talking heads in jars and awkward alien cyclops jokes. And there was much rejoicing!

+ Have you seen the teaser for BSG's "The Plan" yet? Nothing too illuminating but it's always nice to hear Edward James Olmos go all deep-voiced and somber again:

+ has this list of "Top 10 Geek Pick-Up Lines on Twitter Explained." While many of the lines themselves are wonderfully groan-inducing, the earnest explanations sort of cracked me up even more. I tried to use my favorite, "Baby, I love you so much that if Joss Whedon were writing our romance one of us would be dead by now" on my husband yesterday but he seemed non-plussed...and slightly frightened.

+ Time to add another tile to that ginormous periodic table hanging in your study: the Germans have added Ununbium aka superheavy chemical element 112 to the roster. It's 277 times heavier than hydrogen, making it officially the heaviest element on the table. It's self-conscious about that, so the other elements have formed a pact never to mention its chemical obesity to its face. Ununbium also enjoys Victorian poetry, rain on a Sunday afternoon and the sweet musical stylings of Natalie Cole. Side note: couldn't you just say the word "ununbium" all day long? I love it!

+ Need a little joy in your Friday? Via Pop Candy, this clip of a flash mob showing up in a trendy LA story wearing Hammer pants totally made my day. Love the older guy in the blue head band:


Kathe said...

Oh happy Hammer Pants Friday! :) Thanks Liz, that just made my weekend!

Liz said...

My pleasure! I could watch that thing all day long.