Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Odds & Ends: Dark Shadows, Noah Wyle, and Seuss meets Picard

+ Johnny Depp has confirmed he'll be starring in a big-screen adaptation of the classically campy 1970s vampire soap opera "Dark Shadows." Shockingly, the project will be directed by Tim Burton.

+ The A.V. Club has an interesting discussion of the pros and cons of the Academy Awards now putting forth 10 best picture nominees rather than the traditional five. I'm hoping this means that mall cop movie will finally get the recognition it deserves.

+ There's really no suitable preface to this. It's simply called "If Dr. Seuss Wrote For Star Trek: The Next Generation." Very funny. Thanks to Luscious Pandora for linking to this on Twitter!

+ Noah Wyle of "ER" and the TNT "Librarian" movies will be taking on the starring role in Steven Spielberg's new TNT alien-invasion series. Cool!

+ And finally, nerdy wedding cake toppers. Some of these are really awesomely creative. Personally, I'm partial to the King Kong one and to the Stargate one.


DropEdge said...

Forget pumping Bach's fugues through headphones into my womb to make any of my (future) progeny smarter. Rather, I'll be reading Seussian Star Trek to them from birth, because I know what's really important. (One nitpick, though. DATA DOESN'T USE CONTRACTIONS!)

Sarah Blue said...

WoW. An updated Dark Shawdows. That will be fun to see. I watched almost all the episodes one summer when they were broadcast in the early morning hours. But I never saw how the show ended. My little sisters started waking up early and took over the TV. So sad. At least now I might get some closure. :)

TrishKabob said...

we're so nerdy we had smurf wedding cake toppers!

Liz said...

DropEdge, hey, good point about Data and the contractions. I'd completely forgotten that.

Sarah Blue, how did you like Dark Shadows? I've never actually seen one but I've heard so much about it. I've always been curious.

TrishKabob, Smurf cake toppers are brilliant. I love it. Did you have blue frosting, too?