Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Odds and Ends: "30 Rock," "Muppets," "24" casting and Bret Michaels' broken honker

+ It's the blog post that's sweeping the nation! Or at least the part of the nation that likes Tina Fey AND Gonzo. This blogger makes the case: "30 Rock" is a rip-off of the Muppets. Thanks, Nightfall, for the tip!

+ Wow, talk about thorough: this guy is reviewing the new "Star Trek" movie minute by minute. I love that movie A LOT but I don't think even I would have have the patience for that. Thanks, Crone51 for finding this!

+ Every time I think I can break up with "24" and never watch Kiefer Sutherland glower again, they pull me back in. This time, the catnip is in the form of "Battlestar Galactica's" Katee Sackhoff, who will join the cast as a new series regular, playing "a respected and down to Earth data analyst" for the new CTU.

+ Speaking of BSG, if you're in the vicinity of the 92nd Street Y in New York on June 12, be sure to stop in for a discussion of the scientific and philosophical implications of artificial intelligence, featuring robotics experts and BSG cast members Michael Hogan and Mary McDonnell.

+ And finally, as you may have heard, Bret Michaels broke his nose during Sunday's Tony Awards. A piece of set fell on him and apparently his syphillis did not have the strength to protect him that evening...so now he's bitching that the Tony Award people should have been nicer to him about the whole thing and sent him candies and plastic-wrapped hugs and Neil Patrick Harris totally should not have made a joke about the incident even though, yeah, it was pretty funny and Neil knows comedy gold when he sees it. Sorry, Bret!


crone51 said...

Galactica Sitrep's interview with Mary McDonnell is up and it is a lovely thing. She is such a delight.

I am very much enjoying the minute by minute review of ST - the guy who is doing it is hilarious. I just keep commenting about how cute the men are though. He forgets to include that factor.

Liz said...

Guys always forget those important details, don't they?

I read that interview at Sitrep as well -- very interesting. It should be a fascinating event!