Thursday, June 11, 2009

Odds and Ends: Tim Burton, Iron Man 2, Blueberry Garden and orbital chaos

+ How cool is this? Tim Burton will have an exhibition of his work displayed at New York's Museum of Modern Art -- or MOMA, as the kids call it -- starting this November and running through April 2010. More than 700 paintings, puppets, drawings and storyboards will be on display. No word yet on whether Helena Bonham-Carter will co-star.

+ SyFy (hahaha, sorry, I still laugh when I type that) has announced a new "Alice in Wonderland" remake starring a veritable who's who of TV geekdom including Colm Meaney as The King of Hearts, Tim Curry as the Dodo, Matt Frewer (who I will heart forever for "Max Headroom") as the White Knight, Andrew Lee Potts from "Primeval" as the Hatter and Alessandro Juliani of "BSG" as the 9 of Clubs, which means he totally won't get any airtime until he goes crazy and takes over the ship from a furious Admiral Adama. Now wouldn't that make an awesome mini-series? "Alice" will air in December.

+ Mickey Rourke who, let's face it, looks creepy enough without costume and make-up, got to try on his "Mad Max"-esque villain gear for "Iron Man 2" recently. Director Jon Favreau also gives some details on Rourke's character. Here's what Rourke looks like, all leathery and evil...and also with his costume on.

+ I saw this indie video game touted on Livejournal yesterday. It's called "Blueberry Garden" and even if you never play it, you have to watch this video preview. It's quite lovely. And Suicide Girls has a great write-up on it and other indie games.

+ And in case your day is going too well, you can always start thinking about orbital chaos, a force that may cause the Earth and Venus to smash into each other and split like watermelons. It's okay though because Yahoo says the chances of this are small -- only one in 2500, which is actually a hell of a lot better than the lottery odds I play every week -- and it won't happen for 3.5 billion years, when I assume a time-traveling Doctor will be on hand to save us. No worries!

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crone51 said...

Mickey Rourke terrifies me.

Tim Burton at MOMA coolness!