Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Odds & Ends: Shatner, Coulton, Flashforward and Dumbledore

So sorry for the late nature of this morning's post. Let's chalk it up to the hours I spent crying myself to sleep last night after finding out that David Tennant would be at this year's Comic-Con...and I would not. Anyway, loads of stuff to talk about this morning:

+ Speaking of Tennant and the good Doctor, this new "Torchwood" trailer for "Children of Earth" name-checks the Time Lord pretty heavily. This is actually the best trailer I've seen for the upcoming special. I'm really looking forward to it now:

+ Here's an interview with Jonathan Coulton where he talks about technology, music and the web in a way that's actually pretty fascinating.

+ Gawker for some reason seems shocked that William Shatner acted crazy on "The Tonight Show" last night. I saw it live -- because for some terrible reason I've developed a sixth sense alerting me whenever Shatner's on TV -- and didn't think it was any weirder or more bizarre than other weird, bizarre Shatner shenanigans. I'd have been more shocked if he hadn't suggested the enormity of his penis or given Conan the finger. What do you think?

Justify Full
+ Ain't It Cool has some tasty tidbits on ABC's new sci-fi show, "Flashforward." All I know is, the show stars John Cho and Joseph Fiennes and that's good enough for me.

+ Poor Dumbledore gets taken to task in this pretty funny examination of the wizard's professional skills, courtesy of Cracked.

+ Here's a 12-minute preview of Ron Moore's mostly-dead pilot, "Virtuosity," which will air pretty much as a two-hour TV movie on Fox on Friday, June 26. It's about people on a multi-year mission to save Earth...and who spend a lot of time with a virtual reality program to kill time. I will admit, I got pretty bored after the first minute or so...even though there was a British guy talking. What's wrong with me??


Shan said...

Flash Forward also has other nerdy delights, including Dom Monaghan and Sonya Walger (Charlie and Penny, respectively, from Lost). Will definitely give it a chance.

Liz said...

Oh wow, I didn't know Sonya Walger was in it. I love her as Penny. Definitely a nerd-friendly cast!

Gabrielle said...

Plus, come on, it's THE SHAT. Let's no pretend we're surprised anymore.

(what can I say, I still love him, craziness and all)

Liz said...

Agreed. The Shat will always be the man.

crone51 said...

Flashforward is based on a book by Robert J. Sawyer who is an ok ( not great but ok) Canadian Science Fiction writer who has a very large website.
The book is ok ( not great) but I do think it will make a cool TV series.

There is another SF writer from Canada who I like to plug every chance I get named Robert Charles Wilson . He is splendid. I think so, anyhow.

I wish I liked Torchwood more than I do.I keep watching episodes here and there and not loving it . However, the new stuff looks intriguing.

crone51 said...

Wait a minute.. Flash Forward stars Joseph Fiennes?

Oh My Gods. I will be watching. I will be recording . There might be drooling as well.

Liz said...

Crone, I feel the same way about "Torchwood." I watch one episode and it's great and then the next two are terrible and then there's another good one, but in no way does it inspire the same consistent feeling of quality that Who does. I can't quite put my finger on why though...

The Modern Gal said...

I wish I had such a useful sixth sense.