Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Odds & Ends: Jeff Goldblum, zombie haikus and lonelyheart fireflies

+ Need a bit of "Torchwood" before the debut of "Children of Earth?" BBC Radio 4 is running three "Torchwood" audio plays starting tomorrow night (July 1). For American fans, BBC Radio 4 streams live online. Yay for technology!

+ A treat for English majors! Topless Robot held a Zombie Haiku contest and the winners are shambling into our hearts at this very moment! My two favorites:

Zombies all want brainz
Don' taste so gud akchully
Can haz cheezburger?
- MerlinTWizard

When they eat us all,
What is left for them to do?
Zombies versus Bears!
- Brazzlefrazz

+ Have you seen this? Jeff Goldblum eulogizing himself on "The Colbert Report." Ah, the mighty power of Twitter.

+ The New York Times has a fascinating article on the mating life of fireflies. No, seriously. It's actually a bit sad -- they live underground as larvae for two years, then come out for two weeks to fly around, flashing their little lights and mating and then, boom, that's it. Wait, should I have spoiler tagged that?

+ I wish I'd seen this one sooner -- "Battlestar Galactica" music composer Bear McCreary has announced a contest to design his new Battlestar Galactica Orchestra website. The deadline, unfortunately, is midnight tomorrow night with the winner announced this Friday.

1 comment:

eye-shuh said...

Jeff Goldblum is made of win. Does make you wonder about news in real time vs accurate reporting though.

The fireflies reminds me of that episode of Futurama when Zoidberg gets the mating call..."So you have to choose between a life without sex and a hideous, gruesome death? Man, tough call."