Monday, June 08, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris ends Tonys on a high note

The world is a better place this morning. Why? Because of Neil Patrick Harris closing out the Tony Awards last night with this parody of "Tonight" from "West Side Story." Take it away, NPH:

In other NPH news, he's going to be in a movie with Amy Sedaris and John Hodgman as a father who moves with his status-conscious wife from Delaware to Manhattan's Upper East Side. Really, though, the movie could be about gangs of Shetland ponies pillaging the malls of Short Hills, New Jersey and I wouldn't care. I'd watch anything with those three actors.


Amy said...

Shiny! The suit, the performance, all of it!

Emily said...

I do not have the proper words for how much I love NPH. It's unhealthy really.

crone51 said...

He's a god. Truly.

Stranger things have happened in the Malls of Short Hills New Jersey, BTW.