Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Odds & Ends: Bryan Fuller, Twitter circa 1935 and weak vampires

+ Who knew? Apparently, "Heroes" is still on the air but is now shy one sort of important producer guy by the name of Bryan Fuller. Yep, he has vamoosed. Can't say as I blame him.

+ From Boing Boing, this is kind of cool -- from 1935, "Robot Messenger Displays Person-to-Person Notes in Public." The site is calling it "Twitter in 1935" but to me, if it's missing Stephen Fry, it's no kind of Twitter.

+ This dude over at IO9 is trying to stoke the flames of nerd controversy by suggesting that "It's Buffy's Fault That Vampires Are Weak Now." I disagree with his contention and instead, think "Buffy" gave the vampire genre more depth and three-dimensionality. Sure, everyone kind of hated Spike by the end, but surely Whedon resurrected a wonderful metaphor for the dark side of humanity. And, let's face it, also gave vampires awesome hair. What do you think?

+ If you are anywhere near Columbus, Ohio over the next four days, be sure to put the 2009 Origins Game Fair on your itinerary. The fair runs from June 24 through 28 and features hundreds of game vendors offering up the very latest in non-video game entertainment. It also offers tons of opportunity to play popular favorites as well as test out new and unreleased games. The husband and I went last year and had an absolutely great time and brought home three awesome games, including "Last Night on Earth," a game to which we are incredibly addicted. Best of all, Origins is run by Park Bench reader Trey and she's awesome, so if you can, go on out and support the show.

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