Friday, March 21, 2008

Gene Simmons' thighs should, perhaps, remain concealed

I was just flipping through VH1 and stumbled upon this 1998 KISS concert. I just don't know what to say except that maybe there are some things middle aged men shouldn't do. Like run sprints or date teenagers or cinch their tummies ineffectively with Spandex and, uh, be in KISS. Check out this excerpt for evidence...and keep watching until the 1 minute 19 second mark when Gene Simmons gives a saucy smile to the camera, the kind of smile that says, "Kid, I can't believe I'm still making money at this either." God bless 'em.


Amy Rose said...

I am a huge KISS fan. But this made me want to just sigh.

One word- platforms.

KISS. Don't be like Eric Idle. JUST LET IT DIE.

Mickie Poe said...

Does this change how you feel about The Family Jewels?

Liz said...

Amy Rose, that Eric Idle analogy is perfect.

Mickie, I still love Gene Simmons. I just don't ever want to see him in skin-tight pants with giant holes cut into the thigh area. The whole time I watched that, I just imagined his son mocking him gently.

Amy Rose said...

Don't get me on about Eric Idle. He makes Gene Simmons and Hulk Hogan look like they're at the peak of their careers.

Sarami said...

I love that the labels for this entry are "KISS" and "portly gentlemen." Kudos on that.

pixel party said...

as a life-long kiss fan, I couldn't agree more. there's a message board frequented by long time (disenfranchised) kiss fans that refers to them as "one fruit booty, one fat fuck, and two scabs" (you know there's only 2 real members now, right)

gene simmons has spent the last 10 years showing just how much of a douche he really is. he said it himself - kiss is a rock and roll BRAND. as long as sheep keep shelling out cash, i'm afraid that we're stuck with him