Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Other Things Ashton Kutcher Doesn’t Know About Nerdy Women. Yet.

Not that I'm still hostile about "Beauty and the Geek"'s lame-ass exercise in turning supposedly hot girls into supposedly nerdy women...oh, who am I kidding? Of course, I'm still hostile. So here's a little passive-aggressive list of things Ashton should know about real nerdy women:

* We smell like cookies and sunshine.

* We can control other women’s minds. And right now, Demi Moore is over-starching your laundry like a crazy woman.

* We can fly but don’t like to show off.

* Those superdelegates you hear so much about? All nerdy women, including Howard Dean.

* We’re f***ing Matt Damon.

* And Ben Affleck!

* We brought down Elliot Spitzer with a $2,000 an hour game of Scrabble. Sucker.

* We can has your cheezburger…any time we want.

* Our looks won’t fade by the time we can vote.

* We always thought Topher Grace was the cute one.


Jessica said...

Topher Grace....*drools*

We also breathe roses. And CHOCOLATE.

Lisa said...

BTW - yesterday's number 81 - you said it wasn't anything nerdy - so wrong - it's 9^2 and 3^4 - that's cool

Sarami said...

And, Mr. Kutcher? We're smarter than you. :)

RedCochina said...

I suppose you can't expect too much from someone who dropped out of college to be an underwear model. Biochemical engineering major? Does it count as a major if you quit in your freshman year?

Am I being snarky? Hmmm...I guess it's the geek in me. :)

SFG said...

Actually, they had a real live nerdy woman on season 4.

The Hubby said...

81 was chosen because Miroslav Satan is my favorite hockey player and that is his jersey number, and was eventually my hockey number as well. Just saying...

Shanna Swendson said...

I'm just waiting for someone to do a show where nerdy women are teamed up with really hot men -- the reverse of Beauty and the Geek.

I would say I'd volunteer, but I suspect I would find the male equivalent of the "beauties" deadly dull.

MandyU said...

My husband had to listen to me complain for an hour about this. I'm positive bad skin doesn't make you a nerd. Someone needs to consult for that show and explain what the nerd life is really all about.