Monday, March 10, 2008

News of the Day -- Monday, March 10

+ Finally, a sensible use of stiletto shoes. Women in Amsterdam competed in a high-heeled foot race recently. When the winner was asked what she would spend her prize money on, she said, "Not high heels."

P.S. The look on the face of the woman in second place? Yeah, that's the look I get just walking from the car into the office in those shoes.

+ A wonderfully curious video by Teller of the magic duo Penn & Teller, recounting his days as the last survivor of a Las Vegas zombie attack. It's a terrific little piece, especially if you've always wondered what Teller sounds like. If the magic thing doesn't work out, he can always get a job as a noir narrator.

+ Want to increase your vocabulary and help feed the world, too? Then check out this great little time-waster called Free Rice, which tests your word knowledge while helping buy rice for the world's hungry. The site is free and fun.


Jen said...

Free rice game = crack. I spent the last 30 minutes playing!

Sarami said...

Ditto what Jen said. Thanks for the heads up on it! Now I can test out my word warrior skillz while simultaneously helping people. It's Word of the Day, with a heaping helping of the warm fuzzies. ^_^