Monday, March 17, 2008

News of the Day -- Monday, March 17

+ Do you miss Jack Bauer as much as I do -- which is to say "somewhat," "not as much as I miss Tony and his soul patch" or "who?" Then check out NPR's look at "24"'s angriest, scowliest operative.

+ It's Monday, so why not be mildly impressed and disgusted at the same time? Here's Cracked's "Eight Least Impressive Guiness World Records." I like the guy with the longest ear hair. He's like a goat.

+ And in honor of St. Patrick's Day (*hic*), here's The Muppets' Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef singing "Danny Boy":

Happy Boozing It Up Day!


Jessica said...

The best part is how Animal is the only one who actually speaks an intelligible language, but he only knows three words of the song.

Brodie Brockie said...

Man, I bet this is where SNL got the idea for all those Frankenstein/Tonto/Tarzan sing alongs.