Thursday, April 03, 2008

News of the Day -- Thursday, April 3

+ Nerdy kids are so cool. A Michigan fifth grader found a mistake in Smithsonian display recently. Smithsonian officials have corrected the error and in a fit of anger, have vowed never to let "smarty pants know-it-alls" into the museum ever again.

+ Treehugger alert: heat from a data center in Switzerland will be used to warm a nearby swimming pool -- not, apparently, by throwing the computers into the water. Which is why I'm not a scientist, I guess.

+ NBC has announced their fall line-up, really really early. On tap?An Office spin-off , of all things. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I'm hoping it's about Bob Vance Refrigeration. Also Anthony Stewart Head will star in "Merlin", and hopefully be dressed like this:

+ Aww, Patrick Stewart defended Star Trek fans, proving yet again why he will always be my favorite starship captain. (And no, I don't think he's really a starship captain...I just wish it, kinda sometimes maybe.)

+ This is a really interesting blog post on the work habits of some of history's greatest thinkers and creators. I have nothing cynical to say about it, and am now convinced I need to take reflective walks in the afternoon. If I can climb out my office window unnoticed, I think I could actually manage this.

+ And finally, after finding out how many of you are reformed Blockheads, I'd be remiss if I didn't post this, the first NKOTB publicity photo in 15 years, a prelude apparently to a reunion tour. Guess the rumor that it was a false rumor was false. (Huh?)

They're like the coolest group of stockbrokers ever! I say that with love, digging as I do, vintage Wahlberg.


Kathe said...

Being from southwest Michigan myself I have to say...I KNEW IT! I say a big SO THERE to all you doubters of the great Michigan school system.

Liz said...

Hello to a fellow Michigander! And yes indeed, go Michigan schoolkids!

Kathe said...

Wolverines Rock! Of course now I'm just picturing Hugh Jackman, like that's a bad thing...